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Map of Consciousness by Dr. David R. Hawkins Fully Explained

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Understanding the range of human emotions is fundamental to navigating life, yet we never study them like we would a musical instrument. Thankfully, we can do so with Dr. David R. Hawkins’s Map of Consciousness.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a spiritual seeker, someone finding yourself in cycles of debt, a wife who wants to improve her marriage, or all of the above, spending a little time studying consciousness can help with your pursuits.

It can help put an end to self-defeating behaviors and move you towards empowering states of consciousness.

His framework can explain why one person merely survives while another thrives. Later, we’ll discuss how you can transcend each state of consciousness and level up your life. 

So, for our spiritual and personal evolution, let’s discuss Dr. David R. Hawkins’s framework, shall we?

Who is Dr. Hawkins’ and What is The Map of Consciousness

Dr. David R. Hawkins is a psychiatrist, an enlightenment researcher, and a spiritual teacher. 

He devoted his life to uplifting humanity, alleviating human suffering, and guiding people toward enlightenment. 

Out of his colossal body of work, Power Vs. Force and Letting Go are among his most famous books. 

For over thirty years, he scientifically researched the spectrum of human consciousness and heightened states that spiritual seekers seek to attain.

Combining quantum physics, non-linear dynamics, and behavioral kinesiology, he created a scientific framework for spiritual growth, The Map of Consciousness.

His framework lays out 17 stages of human consciousness and its vibrational energy, proving that with each shift in consciousness, frequency and vibration rise, and energy increases. 

How to Use the Levels of Consciousness to Manifest

Before we begin, briefly mentioning The Law of Vibration is essential. The Law of Vibration states that everything in the Universe is made of energy.

That means our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and level of consciousness hold an energetic vibrational frequency. This is where the often misused expression ” high-vibe ” comes from.

Want to learn more about the Law of Vibration? Read: Complete Guide: The Law of Vibration Explained

Okay, let’s go into how to understand and use The Map of Consciousness.

Firstly, he states that our levels of consciousness live on a continuum spectrum, and we can transcend each level of the ego.

The energy levels start at shame (1) and ascend to enlightenment (1000). 1 to 600 are in the ordinary realm, and 600 to 1000 are advanced states of enlightenment.

Courage (200) is a critical shift in an individual. At this level, you shift from force to power.

A person vibrating under 200 is considered in survival mode, victimhood, and reacting to life. Your life force is contracting and destructive.

While above 200, your energy is expanding and constructive. You begin to find openness, safety in yourself, a sense of personal power, a relationship with the Universe, and freedom from the states under 200. You know you are the creator of your life.

Also, in 1995, when he wrote his book Power vs. Force, he said 85% of the world was operating below 200.

Moreover, consider the different levels of consciousness as the lens through which you view and color your life.

He states that most people experience grief at one point or another and can move up and down the scales multiple times in their lives.

We sometimes feel various states simultaneously, and most people vibrating around “love ” (500) generally will accept nothing less.

Furthermore, you can vibrate at one level of consciousness in one area of life but vibrate at a different level in another.

For instance, a person might vibrate at the levels of “fear (100), ” “pride (175), ” and “anger(150)” in their romantic relationships but vibrate at “reason (400)” in their career.

So don’t get too hung up if you feel an emotion under 200, but use the map more or less to assess your overall level of consciousness.

When we examine the scales below, we see that some levels are needed to build on the next.

Also, don’t interpret states under 200 as good or bad, but seek to transcend them if you find that you are vibrating below 200. It’s important not to be hard on yourself or become too attached to the scales, and, if needed, seek guidance from a mental health professional, healer, or coach.

17 Energy Levels of Consciousness / Scales of Emotions

(1-20) Shame

He calls this level passive suicide. 

A person feels like something is fundamentally wrong with them at the core level. Early childhood trauma fragments the ego, leading to shame, producing low self-esteem and a state of self-rejection. 

Unconscious shame can manifest as being shy and withdrawn. One can compensate with perfectionism and rigidity here. 

Transcend shame: 50 Empowering Self-Worth Affirmations to Heal Worthiness (+3 Exercises)

(30) Guilt 

This energy field focuses on punishing. It is preoccupied with “sin” and moralizing and has an unforgiving emotional attitude toward self and others. 

It’s the energy of self-condemnation and self-invalidation of our worth and value. Unconscious guilt can manifest in suicidal behaviors, self-rejection, self-sabotage, and remorse. 

Transcend guilt: practice compassion and forgiveness.

(50) Apathy

Apathy is a state of hopelessness. It’s the energy field of poverty, despair, passivity, and indifference. 

The world and the future look bleak, and a person may lack the will to live. The accompanying thought of apathy is “I can’t.”

One might feel numb here.

Transcend apathy: Engage in activities that bring joy.  107 Fun Self-Care Activities For Adults

(75) Grief

Most people will experience grief at one point in their lives. At this level of consciousness, a person sees the world as sad.  

If the person stays in a state of grief, it becomes depression, loneliness, and live in regret. 

This energy field is higher than apathy because a person begins to cry. Once you cry, you face the pain instead of numbing out, and you get better.

Transcend grief: cry, cry, cry, and feel the pain. 

(100) Fear

**Fear is the beginning of more life energy. At this level of consciousness, a person sees the world as dangerous and threatening. 

We all have fundamental fears such as fear of death, fear of rejection, social anxieties, fear of public speaking, fear of change, and the list goes on. 

There are various forms of fear: mild, chronic, extreme, obsessive, to irrational.

Some fear is healthy and needed, like fear of danger. 

  • Mild forms of fear – feeling uneasy. 
  • Chronic fear – worrying.
  • Obsessive fear – fearful thinking that leads to paranoia and phobias. 

Fear can become preoccupied with security. 

For instance, fear of abandonment in relationships can lead to panic attacks and anxious behaviors. Fear of loss of a relationship leads to jealousy. 

Transcend fear: 57 Affirmations to Build True Confidence and Overcome Self-Doubt 

(125) Desire

In English, we use the word desire in two ways. The first is an end goal, and the other is the emotion of desire, which is a strong feeling of wanting. 

Here, we’re discussing desire as the energy field of wanting. Desire is the motivating construct of the human condition. Desire motivates us to take action, so we need desire. Desire leads to effort and having goals and ambition.

But desire also involves constantly seeking gain and pleasure. It is always seeking outside of itself for more. It is hungry, lacking, and never satisfied; hungry for more money, power, status, and sex. Therefore, desire is also the level of addiction and craving, which becomes more important than life. 

It’s the thought energy of “I do not have.” 

On the contrary, desire is also a springboard to higher levels of consciousness. Desiring to spiritually and personally grow and move up the scales of consciousness is also a desire. 

Transcend desire: 79 Powerful Abundance Affirmations and How to Use Them

(150) Anger

Anger can be destructive or constructive. 

Desire leads to frustration. Frustration results from the exaggerated importance of desires; you feel helpless and out of control. 

Desire leads to anger, which makes you get up to do something. 

Anger is the fire inside you; it’s your driving energy. We need fire because your drive, ambition, and energy make you get up and change, do something, and take action. 

But anger out of balance can cause pain and destruction.

The family of anger houses aggression, rage, hostility, and resentment. Anger is also connected to fear. Chronic resentment is anger directed at oneself. 

As the saying goes, “Emotions, particularly anger, are like fire. They can cook your food, keep you warm, or they can burn your house down.” – Cus D’Amato.

Transcend anger: 44 Powerful Affirmations for Inner Peace, Calm, and Well-being

(175) Pride

The level of pride is where self-esteem rises. Pride feels good in contrast to lower levels. 

But pride blocks growth and is defensive, vulnerable, separated, divisive, and arrogant. Pride also inflates the ego. 

There is a preoccupation with appearance, constant vulnerability to the opinion of others, and criticism. If we have pride, we feel the need to defend ourselves. 

Healthy pride is genuine self-esteem. It’s the inner awareness of one’s actual value and worth. When we love something, we become one with it. If we have true love (self-love), our mind has no question of worth. 

Transcend Pride: 99 Self-Love Affirmations for Healing and Confidence

(200) Courage

**Courage is a breakthrough level from survival to the creator of one’s life. There is an awakening of consciousness. Yippee! 

He states that at this level, you start to see real changes in a person—an individual shifts from force to power. 

The thought energy of courage is “I can.”

At this stage, a person is committed to personal growth and inner transformational work. If you are reading this, you are predominantly at courage. 

Courage increases self-respect, and you no longer feel ashamed. 

It’s the zone of exploration, accomplishment, empowerment, and determination. 

At this level, the person is affirming. The world is not seen as challenging but as opportunities for growth, development, and new experiences. Life is seen as exciting. Expansion starts. Life begins to open up, and one feels lighter and more optimistic.  

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(250) Neutrality

**At neutrality, a sense of well-being starts. 

At this level of awareness, a person is non-judgmental and unattached to outcomes. People begin to sense their personal power, so they are not easily intimidated.

They are not driven to prove themselves and can roll with life’s punches. People here are easy to get along with because they are not interested in conflict, competition, or guilt. 

They don’t need to control or manipulate other people’s behaviors. People here value freedom, so they are harder to control. People vibrating under 200 are more easily controlled. 

(310) Willingness

**The gateway to higher levels starts here. 

At this level, a person has overcome and let go of inner resistance and is committed to participating. 

You let go of pride, willing to learn from experience. People here make excellent students and are willing to start over and start from the beginning. You can admit failure and defeat, learn from your mistakes, and grow. People here are builders and contributors to society. 

You might hear people vibrating at willingness to say things like, “My work is my way of contributing to society.” 

(350) Acceptance

**Acceptance is another spiritual milestone!

Major transformation takes place at this level, and one realizes they are the source and creator of their life. Your cup is filling up!

It’s the energy field of belonging, connectedness, and being understood. Acceptance includes, rather than rejects and supportive without a sense of sacrifice. There is a sense of caring, warmth, self-worth, generosity, and ease. 

Here, a person takes full responsibility for their entire life, all negative and positive. You take back your power, and nothing from the external can make you happy or unhappy. You realize that everything is generated from within. There’s an emotional calm at this level.

Also, acceptance is not to be mistaken for passivity. 

There is an engagement with life without making it conform to an agenda. You can see without distortion and can see the whole picture. It is not about right or wrong but more about problem-solving, self-discipline, and mastery. 

(400) Reason

Reason is the level of science, medicine, and Nobel prize winners. 

Reason can be a barrier to reaching higher levels. An individual can become fixated on learning and gathering data, leading to intellectualism. 

(500) Love

Love is a state of being. True happiness starts here. You can’t think of love. Therefore, you have to let go of the mind to transcend reason and ascend to love.

Here, we love the ego instead of condemning it. We see the ego’s limitations and accept them for what they are.

The energy field of love is connected to forgiveness, nurturing, support, gratitude, healing, and empowerment. Love resolves negativity rather than attacking it. Love is inclusive, and it feels like it is possible to become one with the other. 

Intuition, unconditional love, instantaneous understanding, compassion, and synchronicities appear in one’s life. People here are power manifestors. 

(540) Joy

Joy is the level of saints, spiritual healers, and advanced spiritual students. 

This energy field has the capacity for enormous patience and persistence and loves many people simultaneously. The person releases their personal story to become one with the divine. Love becomes more unconditional, and compassion emerges.

Everything happens effortlessly, and the person experiences synchronicity.

(600) Peace

The level of peace, the personal self, has transcended. The ultimate state sought by spiritual seekers is transcendence and self-realization. The distinction between object and subject disappears. 

People vibrating at peace work for the betterment of humanity. The experience of life is in slow motion and suspended in time and space. They reach an infinite silence of the mind. The energy is gentle yet strong.,

Peace is the same as Samadhi (merging into one). Samadhi is the state that spiritual seekers seek to attain through candle meditation.

(700-1000) Enlightenment

Enlightenment is the level of Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus Christ. 

They no longer identify with the body. The self is beyond the mind. This energy field is non-duality and complete oneness. 

Closing Thoughts on The Map of Consciousness by Dr. David R. Hawkins

I hope that this article helped you understand The Map of Consciousness. It’s a simple framework that is soooo valuable for spiritual growth. I highly recommend reading his books, especially Power vs. Force and Letting Go. He also has a 9 Book Series:

  1. Power vs. Force
  2. The Eye of the I: From Which Nothing is Hidden
  3. I: Reality and Subjectivity
  4. The Map of Consciousness Explained: A Proven Energy Scale to Actualize Your Ultimate Potential
  5. Transcending the Levels of Consciousness: The Stairway to Enlightenment
  6. Discovery of the Presence of God: Devotional Nonduality
  7. Reality, Spirituality, and Modern Man
  8. Healing and Recovery
  9. Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender

Another article you might enjoy to learn more about emotions and manifestation is Esther Abraham-Hicks’ Emotional Guidance Scale.

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