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Complete Guide: The Law of Vibration Explained

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The Law of Vibration is the force behind The Law of Attraction. 

Over the years, The Law of Attraction has gotten a negative reputation because it is only a part of the whole concept. We need to learn both laws to apply the true power of conscious manifestation. 

A simple analogy for how both laws assist each other: Think of The Law of Attraction as a car and The Law of Vibration as the engine, oil, and gas. The Law of Vibration dictates the drive quality of the car. Is it smooth, quick, run-down, or clunky?  

Of the 12 Natural Spiritual Laws that govern the Universe, The Law of Vibration teaches us how to manifest while effortlessly releasing needless struggle and suffering. 

Excited to learn about The Law of Vibration? Okay, on your mark, get set, go.

What is the Law of Energy or Vibration? 


The Law of Vibration states that everything in the Universe is made of energy, constantly in motion, and vibrating at different frequencies. 

In other words, in the physical world and spiritual world, what you see and don’t see is all energy. 

The physical world, like yourself—your house, clothes, car, parents, phone, pets, water, plants—on a quantum level are all composed of atoms. And those atoms are vibrating and emitting a frequency. Solid matter, like a table, is just vibrating at a slower frequency.

~Also, the definition of vibration is an oscillation, and frequency is the speed at which something vibrates.~

So what does the Law of Energy or Vibration mean for us manifestors? 

The unseen parts of existence, like your thoughts and emotions, are also energy. Together, your thoughts, feelings, and your physical body create an electromagnetic field

Your electromagnetic field (energy field) holds a vibrational frequency, which constantly vibrates and sends out signals to the Universe, attracting what is like you to you.

The Law of Vibration vs. The Law of Attraction


The Law of Attraction states that,

“like attracts like.”

Both laws are simultaneously working together all the time, even without our awareness.

As mentioned earlier, we magnetize situations, people, places, and material objects that are of an equal vibrational match, attracting you to you. In other words, an energetic vibration draws in the same energetic vibration.

LOA also explains why friends sometimes seem to drift apart, or a person outgrows a job. The two vibrations are no longer a vibrational match to each other for the time being.

Basically, Earth is one giant magnet, and we humans are all little magnetic balls of energy. 

To drive home the message, you are constantly manifesting and attracting experiences into your life. It’s just that sometimes we don’t like what has been drawn into our energy field.

However, hope is not lost! 

Since you are consciously aware of the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction, you can use them to navigate life and learn how to get into vibrational alignment with your desires. 

Why is the Law of Vibration Important for Manifesting?


Dr. Wayne Dyer once said,

“You don’t attract what you want; you attract who you are.”

Now, what does his quote mean?

It means you always magnetize in the same energetic vibration to you.

The cool thing about manifesting versus traditional goal-setting is that manifestation takes it one step further and considers how you feel

Practicing The Law of Vibration allows you to become clear about “who you are.”

Not in terms of your identity, such as I am a mom or a student. But your vibrational frequency. What is underneath mom or what is underneath student? 

Am I happy and single, or am I unhappy and single? When you set out to manifest a relationship, you’ll attract a partner of the same vibration—happy or unhappy. 

Spiritual teacher Esther Abraham-Hicks said something to the effect of, “Source is not judging your story. Source Energy is just simply bringing you what is the same vibrational match to you.”

So, manifesting and LOA practices require you to get in tune and deeply intimate with your vibration. You have to get crystal clear and completely honest with yourself for the law to work in your favor. 

You can start today by taking responsibility for your emotions and thoughts, high and low, even if caused by an external source and owning them. You have to become internally first what you want to see in your external physical existence. It’s an inside job. 

Lastly, becoming attuned to your thoughts, emotions, and vibrations will allow you to navigate life circumstances, situations, people, places, jobs, careers, and relationships and instinctively know if they are in alignment with the vibrations you want

Your body holds a lot of wisdom, and learning to listen to your emotional body is the key to success in practicing The Law of Vibration. 

Sidenote: If you have trouble setting goals and sorting out your thoughts, goal-setting exercises help exercise the logical mind. And you’ll learn how to direct your focus toward the desired outcome. Goal-setting helps you with the “what you want” part. 

How Do You Manifest With the Law of Vibration?


So now we know that your vibration = your emotions and your thoughts.

Your emotions and your thoughts are your internal guidance system. When manifesting, you’ll need to learn how to pinpoint the vibration that supports your desire and begin to get into vibrational alignment with it.

Let me explain:

Be, Do, Have  vs.  Do, Have, Be

The Law of Attraction, The Law of Vibration, and Manifesting are essentially a paradigm shift—a consciousness shift.

Most people’s manifesting model is Do, Have, Be.

I have to DO something to HAVE something to BE someone. 

Most spiritual manifestation teachers teach something similar to Zig Ziglar’s principle: Be, Do, Have.

I am BEING, which causes me to DO something, then I HAVE something.  

Manifesting focuses on BEING first. 

So, for example, let’s say you want to manifest more money and wealth. You have to align with the vibration of money and wealth first. 

Ask yourself, how will having more money make me feel? Abundant, joyful, safe, free? Then, you align with those feelings first. Practice cultivating feelings of abundance every day until it’s your natural emotional set point.

Also, I want to recommend two vibration tools to help your manifesting journey.

2 Vibration Tools for Emotions and Consciousness

  1. Emotional Guidance Scale: Ester Abraham-Hicks created a brilliant tool that helps with emotional intelligence when manifesting your life. She lays out the range of human emotions so you can identify your current vibrational frequency, pinpoint when you move up and down the scale, and make your way up the scale as needed. I like this one for day-to-day and short-term manifestations.
  2. Map of ConsciousnessEnlightenment researcher Dr. David R. Hawkins created the Map of Consciousness tool that helps you understand the levels of human consciousness with scientific evidence. I love this one for the bigger picture and understanding the core through-line frequency of your overall life. 

They are both valuable tools, and I highly recommend you head over to the articles, study them, and grab a printable PDF file to support your manifestation journey. 

And remember Be, Do, Have.  

How Can I Increase My Vibration While Manifesting?

To start, as mentioned earlier, I would study Esther Hick’s Emotional Guidance Scale and Dr. David R. Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness scale to learn about the range of human emotion and how different levels of consciousness affect your manifestation game. 

The higher the vibration, like love and joy, the faster the frequency, and the quicker your desires show up in your reality. The lower the vibration, the slower it takes in physical reality. 

The best ways to raise your vibration are practices such as gratitude practices, positive affirmations, forgiving and letting go practices, and embodying the end state (BEING).

Lastly, find activities, friends, and situations that help you get into alignment with the higher vibrations, such as love, peace, joy, contentment, and bliss.  

Traps to Avoid When Practicing the Law of Vibration 


1. Spiritual Bypassing

Spiritual bypassing causes shadows, resistance, and blocks. And can create disasters that will slow down your manifestations in the long run. Spiritual bypassing is any form of judging, disowning, avoiding, suppressing, or repressing your emotions. 

If you are going through a challenging moment, it’s important not to bypass it spiritually. Lower vibrational emotions hold a lot of wisdom. Feel and allow the lower vibrations to move through you. Work through your situation, and let the lower vibrations guide you towards higher vibrations. 

2. Believing That Nothing Negative Ever Happens Again

Secondly, piggybacking on spiritual bypassing, as you can see, the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction are not just about positive thinking. The world works in duality; where there is light, there is darkness. 

To understand the higher vibrations, we need the lower vibrations. Allow it all to be a part of existence and continue to align to the higher vibrations until it’s stable and your natural set point. And generally, when people are stable in the higher vibrations, they tend to stay there and hang out. 

3. Believing Negative Thoughts Are You

Lastly, if you have a negative thought loop, you likely have a negative emotion, and vice versa. You don’t have to believe it’s you. You can surrender it, gently redirect your attention to a positive affirmation or thought, and bring up the positive emotion that supports the desire you are working on manifesting.

Closing Thoughts on the Law of Vibration 

I hope you enjoyed this article and took away some gems to support your manifestation journey. You’ll want to practice the Law of Vibration every day and make it an ongoing manifestation practice. Your body is your home, and you are the magnet that draws everything you into your life. Let it be a life of well-being, passion, and joy. 

Don’t forget to check out Esther Abraham-Hicks’ Emotional Guidance Scale and Dr. David R. Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness. If you liked this article, please share it on Pinterest and connect with me on social. 

I wish you well on your manifestation journey!

P.S. Remember Be, Do, Have

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