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How to Manifest with the Law of Assumption (3 Powerful Steps) 

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Two simple words sum up The Law of Assumption: IT’S DONE.  

The Law of Assumption is essential in manifesting your desires. Together with The Law of Attraction and The Law of Vibration, you’ve got a winning recipe for manifestation.

Ready to dive deeper? In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about The Law of Assumption, so be sure to bookmark it whenever you need to come back.

Who is the Inventor of the Law of Assumption?

Neville Lancelot Goddard was born in Saint Michael, Barbados (February 19, 1905, to October 1, 1972). He is a mystic and considered the Father of The Law of Attraction and a leader of the New Thought Movement. His teachings heavily influenced spiritual teachers Dr. Wayne Dyer and Rhonda Byrnes

His teachings were based on the Bible, and he taught his students how to better their lives through self-creation. He is most famous for The Law of Assumption and believed in using the power of your imagination to create your reality. 


What is the Law of Assumption?

The Law of Assumption states that “assumptions become facts.” 

Neville Goddard says that consciousness is the foundation of existence. It is the one and only true reality. 

Circumstances, experiences, people, conditions, and objects reflect your current consciousness. 

In other words, your external reality is a mere reflection of your internal reality, and what you believe to be true becomes your reality. 

So, to change your external reality, you have to put all of your focus on changing your internal reality—your assumptions.  


How Does The Law of Assumption Work?

Goddard believes the fate of your life is determined by your self-concept and assumptions (your beliefs). 

He teaches us to take responsibility for our entire lives and seek to change no one or anything on the outside but only to change our assumptions. 

Paraphrasing his words: To change your external reality, you have to turn away from the objective appearance of things (the physical material world) and turn to the subjective center of things (your imagination). You have to surrender who you are now and use the power of your imagination to live in the wish fulfilled with absolute certainty. 

And to do this, you become ONE with your desire. You have to become and be your desire; believing and being are the same. 

For example, if you desire to be in a loving relationship. You can’t just think about having a loving relationship. You have to live and think from the state of being in a loving relationship. You have to BE the loving relationship. 

But how? 

How to Use The Law of Assumption in 3 Powerful Steps 

The Law of Assumption works by:

  1. Claim your desire.
  2. Imagine already having your desire.
  3. Assume that your wish is fulfilled.

***the words goals and desires are used interchangeably 

Step 1: Claim Your Desire 

Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash

Whatever you desire, desires you too. Consider it already yours. Get clear on what you want and send an order to the Universe by writing it down. 

Write your desires down either in a journal or on your phone. I like writing my goals down in a manifestation journal and dedicating a journal only to my manifestations. Make sure to write your goals down; it is the first step to physicalizing your desires. 

You can write down one goal or five goals or do a brain dump and write down all your desires. However, depending on how big or small your desire is, it is best to work on one goal at a time, especially if you are just starting out.

Step 2: Imagine Your Desired Reality

Photo by Lutchenca Medeiros on Unsplash

Choose one goal from your list to focus on.  

If you’re new to visualization, I recommend having a journal and taking notes the first time you visualize for any goal. That way, you have notes to draw upon when you do your daily visualizations. Start by activating your five senses and imagine what it would be like to have your desire already. 

Sense and describe your desire in detail. Use all five senses: touch, sound, taste, smell, and sight. The clearer and more vivid your imagination, the better. 

  • What does it feel like to have your desire already? How do you feel? 
  • What are you thinking?
  • What are you doing? 
  • How do you talk to your friends and loved ones about your desire? 
  • What does your life look like? 
  • How do you spend your days? 

For instance, if you are looking for a new romantic relationship, don’t stop at “I want a relationship.” Craft out the entire experience of being in the relationship of your dreams. 

Focus on your feelings. How do you feel in this relationship? Do you feel adored, respected, loved, appreciated, expansive, creative, and supported? How do you guys spend time? What do they say to you? Do you guys dedicate a day or two of the week to quality time, and does your specific person always follow through?

Take as long as you need and start imagining your reality with your wish fulfilled. 

Step 3: Assume It’s Done and Maintain the Feeling of The Wish Fulfilled


Also called “living in the end.”

With step two’s mental and emotional work done, assume your desire is done and live in the wish fulfilled every day. 

Completely ignore your external reality and concentrate your attention on your inner world. Align your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings to the vibration of already having your desire. 

Goddard says, “Your imagination will feel false at first, but if persisted, your assumptions will harden into facts.” 

You are ONE with your desire. You have it already, so let go of frustration, aching, sadness, longing, and waiting. Your energy is in the energy of already having your desire—calm, fulfilled, loving, joyful, abundant, and happy. 

Furthermore, Neville believed in getting what you desire with the least effort. That means eliminating the word hard and struggle. He also believed that when people failed at their manifestations somewhere along the line, they didn’t persist. 

The Law of Assumption versus The Law of Attraction

The Law of Assumption is not part of the 12 Universal Spiritual Laws but is essential to manifestation. In a way, it is the missing ingredient of the modern Law of Attraction teachings. 

There are a few differences in how the concepts are taught, but both will get you to the same place.

However, if you look at both laws along with The Law of Vibration holistically, all three laws are needed for a well-rounded manifestation practice. 

The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like.” You magnetize into your life people, situations, experiences, and objects that are the same vibrational match to you. If you think positively, you will attract positive outcomes. If you think negatively, you will attract negative results. 

The Law of Vibration states that “everything in the Universe is made of energy.” Your thoughts, feelings, and assumptions are energy. So, The Law of Vibration aids both The Law of Attraction and The Law of Assumption. You must get to know your vibration well and practice tuning into the vibration of your desire.

The Law of Assumption states that “assumptions become facts.” You must assume your desire is already done and believe it’s already here. You become one with your desire and live with your wish fulfilled. 

The Law of Attraction is a powerful first step in directing your attention toward your goals. However, with The Law of Attraction alone, you are focusing on positive thoughts and feelings but are still waiting for your desire to come in.

The Law of Assumption helps you solidify your desire. 

With The Law of Assumption, you live in the end, let go of your desire and focus on aligning your vibration to the state of the wish fulfilled. The Law of Assumption teaches us how to strengthen our will, shift our beliefs, and persist in our assumptions using the power of imagination. 

Law of Assumption Examples

  • Manifest a specific person
  • Manifest love
  • Manifest career opportunities
  • Manifest money and wealth
  • Manifest friendships
  • Manifest a network circle
  • Manifest a new home
  • Manifest great health
  • Manifest a car

10 Law of Assumption Affirmations Examples

Here are ten general Law of Assumption affirmations to get you in a state of believing that The Law of Assumption works.

  1. I am one with my desire.
  2. I am the creator of my reality.
  3. I am a powerful creator and manifestor.
  4. I am persistent.
  5. I am in control of my beliefs, thoughts, and feelings.
  6. I am that I am.
  7. It’s done.
  8. I shape my assumptions to my liking.
  9. I shape my reality.
  10. My external reality reflects my internal reality.


Closing Thoughts on The Law of Assumption

You now understand how to manifest using The Law of Assumption. I’d love to hear how your manifestations go. 

Remember you one with your desire. When you catch yourself searching and seeking your desire, gently tell yourself: it’s done. 

I wish you many blessings and so much love and joy! 

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Happy manifesting! 

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