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15 Intuitive Signs Your Manifestation Is Close

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So you’ve been setting intentions, making vision boards, and doing your affirmations, and now you’re wondering where the heck is my manifestation?

You wonder if you’re on the right track and if the work you’ve put in will become a reality in 3D.

Whether you’re manifesting a soulmate, more money, or a career change, eagerly awaiting your desire is a natural part of the journey. 

So I totally understand and have your back! 

In this article, we’ll explore 15 signs your manifestation is close. Specifically, today, we’ll discuss intuitive signs because your internal guidance is wise and knows best! 


1. You Feel Inner Peace

The first intuitive sign that your manifestation is close is that you feel inner peace. 

When we manifest, we believe our external desire will produce a certain feeling and fulfill us. 

For instance, a job promotion will help us feel recognized and accomplished, and attracting our dream partner will make us feel loved and valued. 

You would not be desperate, clinging, or feeling a sense of lack because you have your manifestation.

Whether you manifest with the Law of Attraction or the Law of Assumption, if you had your manifestation today, you’d likely be in a state of peace surrounding it.

Inner peace is a sure sign that your manifestation is close and your manifesting practices are working

2. You’re Grateful

The second sign that your manifestation is close is that you’re grateful. 

According to Esther Abraham-Hicks, gratitude is one of the best states from which to manifest because it signals to the Universe that you are in a state of having. 

Naturally, if we had our manifestation, we would be grateful. 

So, if you feel grateful about your manifestation, this is a positive sign that your manifestation is close and your manifestation practices are working. 

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3. You Feel It’s Already Here


The third intuitive sign that your manifestation is close is that you feel it is already here. 

According to the Law of Assumption, “What you assume is true creates your reality.” 

So, if you assume you already have your desire and no longer doubt or have any resistance regarding your manifestation, your manifestation is close.

You might even forget about your manifestation because you feel like you have it internally and your desire is already with you.

4. You Don’t Care Anymore

The fourth sign your manifestation is close is that you don’t care anymore. 

Or, in spiritual lingo—you are non-attached to the outcome of your manifestation.

If it happens, then it happens. If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t. Either way, you are a happy camper. 

When you are desperate and needy for something, this signals to the Universe that you are in a state of lack, and the Universe will reflect this to you.

If you no longer feel the need to control or cling to your manifestation and don’t care about it anymore, this is a positive sign and another clear indicator that your manifestation is close. 

5. You’re Happy and Joyful


The fifth sign your manifestation is close is that you feel happy and joyful. 

According to Neville Goddard, the Law of Reversibility loosely states, “If your manifestation can produce a feeling, then a feeling can produce your manifestation.”

If a car can produce joy and happiness, then joy and happiness can also produce a car.

If you feel joy and happiness about your manifestation, your manifestation is likely close because joy and happiness are a natural byproduct of having your desires fulfilled. 

Additionally, raising your vibration to a state of joy can help you align with higher timelines, increase your well-being, and have more clarity. 

6. You Just Know

The sixth intuitive sign is you feel like you know. 

“If you know, you know!” 

Your intuition is your life compass, your chief guidance system, and it holds the answers to your life. 

What a cool thing we all were gifted. No one else can have access to your intuition—only you. 

Having an inner knowing is a sure sign, and in my opinion, the best sign—that your manifestation is close. 

If you have trouble accessing your intuition, try positive affirmations to clear away doubt and develop trust and confidence.

7. You Get Signs From the Universe


The seventh sign is that you get signs from the Universe

The Universe always talks to you through your environment, dreamscape, people, synchronicities, and more. 

For instance, you get inundated with angel numbers (repeating number patterns) like 1111 or 555.

Or random strangers say similar things to you and repeat messages around the same time.

Take notice; these are clues and messages that your manifestation could be close.

8. You’ve Let Go of Your Manifestation

The eighth sign is you’ve decided to let go of your manifestation.

We’ve seen this exact scenario play out in romantic relationships time and time again. 

When an individual releases control and resistance surrounding their love interest, their specific person somehow finds their way back to them, or someone better suited finds their way to them.

Letting go of your manifestation signals to the Universe that you don’t need it and clearly indicates that your manifestation is close.

9. Someone Tells You

The ninth sign that your manifestation is close is if someone tells you. 

It could be a seer, such as a psychic or tarot reader, or even a stranger on your path who peculiarly mentions something to you.

For instance, someone randomly speaks about Rome, and for the past couple of days, you’ve been thinking about planning a trip there to research something for your work.

Or you are manifesting love, and numerous people keep telling stories about how they met their soulmate in a certain way.

So, take notice and remain open to messages. 

10. Something Is Changing In You


The tenth sign your manifestation is close and on its way is that something is changing in you. 

You might not be able to put your finger on it, but you know something is shifting.

According to the Law of Correspondence, the Universe mirrors your internal reality

As within, so without. As above, so below. 

If something changes in you, whether positive or negative, your external reality must conform to your internal reality. 

Internal shifts are a clear sign that your external reality is about to change and mirror your internal reality.

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11. You’re Not Worried Anymore

The eleventh sign that your manifestation is close is that you’re not worried about it anymore.

A manifesting teacher used this example, which I’ll try to explain here. 

Think of manifesting your desires like ordering something from a delivery service like Amazon. 

When you order something from Amazon, you know it will be delivered.

You’re not worried, nervous, panicking, or anxiously awaiting your package. You trust it will arrive because you ordered it. 

So, if you’re not worried and trust that your manifestation is on the way, this is another positive indicator that your manifestation is close.  

12. You Feel a Sense of Calm and Ease


The twelfth sign that your manifestation is close is that you feel calm and at ease about it. 

Feeling calm and knowing that your manifestation will manifest sooner or later is a positive sign that it is close.

Calm and ease indicate that you trust, feel safe, and are comfortable with or without your manifestation. 

You feel secure even if it arrives “late” relative to your expectations.

Additionally, a sense of calm and ease allows you to be in the present and focus on what you can control.

13. You Have a Hunch, a Funny Feeling

The thirteenth sign that your manifestation is close is that you have a hunch or a funny intuitive feeling. 

The hunch may come to you out of nowhere, like a sudden knowing or a gentle tug on your heart space. 

You may feel pulled to attend a specific event, finish a particular task, or feel positive energy swirling around you. 

It’s like a cosmic ding to your soul, “Hey, get ready; something good is about to happen.”

You might even get nervous or scared of what’s coming. In a good way, of course. 

14. People Are Helping You


The fourteenth sign your manifestation is close is if people are helping you. 

You may suddenly receive an influx of invites, or maybe you start finding answers to questions you’ve been asking for years. 

You start finding the right teachers online, or many people may offer help. 

Things start clicking and opening up—the energy shifts.

People helping you is another potent sign that the Universe is assisting you, nudging your path forward and that your manifestation is likely close. 

15. You Get Dreams Guiding You

The last sign that your manifestation is close is that you get dreams guiding you. 

Dreams are a fascinating topic. Metaphysicians have studied them for centuries, but they remain mysterious as understanding dreams can be subjective and deeply personal to each individual. 

Some dreams can hold powerful messages to guide you along your path, and other dreams can assist you in healing deeply rooted limiting beliefs.

So, if you get dream guidance, this is another helpful sign that your manifestation is coming to you.

If you haven’t paid attention to your dreams and are curious about your dreamscape, consider dream journaling to tune into your subconscious. 

Closing Thoughts on Signs That Your Manifestation Is Close

And voila. Now you know 15 intuitive signs that your manifestation is close. You know how to read the internal and external cues that your manifestation is making its way to you. 

I hope you enjoyed the article and it helps you in your manifesting journey. May you live well, and I wish you many blessings, so much love, and joy! 

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