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What Are Signs From the Universe? (+10 Undeniable Signs)

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Did you catch the spiritual bug?


In this article, we’ll cover what signs from the Universe are, how to read and interpret them, and 10 undeniable signs to look out for. 


What Are Signs From the Universe?

Signs from the Universe come in various forms like symbols, omens, synchronicities, or out-of-the-ordinary experiences. 

Signs appear on your path when the Universe wants to communicate a message with you. It’s the Universe’s way of assisting you.

Consider signs from the Universe like a little ding of guidance. They can act as a warning, a wake-up call, a reminder, a flash of confirmation, or a nudge of encouragement. 

Some signs can be alarming and loud and guide you to make significant life changes. 

“Don’t go in this direction. Go in that direction instead.”

Or they can feel like a jolt of inspiration.

For instance, you wake up thinking about taking guitar lessons and then arrive at work, and your coworker brings in his guitar. Woah, how weird! I guess I’m taking guitar lessons.  

Or they can feel mysteriously freakish. 

Suppose you find three different doors left wide open at your house on the same day. That’s highly unusual, you think. Then, your friend calls you the next day about an open position at a certain company. 

While others can feel more mundane and subtle.

For example, your computer keeps glitching, so you take it as a sign to take a much-needed break from work. You return from your break with a solution to your problem, and your computer magically works well again. 

Whether signs are big, loud and clear, or minor, signs are external manifestations of what your intuition already knows. They come to bring you a glimpse of clarity and guide you further along your path.  

How Do You Know the Universe Is Giving You a Sign?

woman red hat sitting holding crystal ball

Some signs are unique and one-time occurrences. However, receiving recurring signs in a short span of time is the main indication that the Universe is trying to send you a message. 

If you notice the same sign repeating itself, then this is an invitation to take a moment and meditate on what you think the sign might mean to you. 

Another way to know that the Universe is sending you a sign is by your intuition and gut feeling. Remember, signs are external manifestations of what your intuition already knows. They show up to illuminate something, but you inherently already know it. 

What Do Signs From the Universe Mean? 

Like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, signs are personal and exist in the mind that observes and perceives them. Ultimately, only you can decode and decipher what the message means to you. There is no right or wrong. 

Others can only teach you how to get closer to your intuition. Just because someone resonates with animals doesn’t mean animals are your thing. 

Reading and interpreting signs is about listening and allowing. When you are receiving a sign, notice your thoughts and feelings surrounding the situation. 

Let the message hit you without overthinking, judgment, or doubt, and trust the first thing that comes to your mind. The more you trust and flow with the Universe, the more the messages will hit you instantaneously. 

Some signs might need more contemplation and time to interpret. If this is the case, I like to ponder about them on a meditative walk, write them down in a journal, or file them in the back of my mind. 

The essential thing is to keep your vibration high and know the difference between your ego and intuition.

Furthermore, if you are new to interpreting signs, start to build a connection with the Universe by getting curious about the world around you. Remember to remain open and present, especially during your daily routine and mundane tasks when we tend to check out. 

Additionally, it is important not to get too attached or hypervigilant about reading signs. Don’t try to extract meaning from every situation or random thing you encounter. (Speaking from experience. 😬) Signs that are meant to find you will stand out. 

Finally, the more you trust yourself and are open to intuitive guidance, the more the Universe will send you signs. With a little practice, your intuition will become clearer and stronger day by day.

10 Undeniable Signs from the Universe 


1. Bits and Pieces of Conversations 

Other people’s conversations or conversations with strangers can hold powerful messages. Eavesdropping is generally frowned upon, but hey, if the Universe wants to send you a message through other people’s conversations, then so be it. 

For instance, you might be in line at a coffee shop thinking about a university program you’re considering applying for, and a few moments later, a couple next to you starts to chat about the same program. Is this coincidence or synchronicity?

Also, pay attention to conversations with strangers. Don’t negate them as random and just small talk. I’ve experienced powerful messages channeled through these conversations. 

2. Gifts


The second popular sign from the Universe is gifts. Sometimes, gifts hold powerful spiritual messages. For example, your friend gifts you a book that ignites a new passion or career.

Or you keep receiving different types of eggs as gifts, like swan eggs and double-yolked eggs, in a matter of weeks. A lot of ancient cultures believe that eggs are a sign of fertility, good luck, and good fortune. 

3. Dreams

According to Sadhguru, 90 percent of dreams are unfulfilled desires getting processed while we sleep. Most of our dreams hold little value because the mind is just filtering our daily activities, cleansing and repairing itself at night. 

However, that means 10 percent of dreams hold some sort of value or significance. Decoding dreams helps you understand your subconscious and promotes healing. 

For example, if you have recurring dreams or encounter unique symbols in your dreamscape, it might be helpful to meditate on them.

I find it useful to keep a dream journal next to my bed in case I need to jot down my dreams. Dreams work in metaphorical language, as this is the language of the subconscious, so be sure to pay attention to the symbols. 

4. Spirit Animals


Animals hold different spiritual meanings and can show up on your path when the Universe wants to send a message. They can appear in person, in your dreams, or even online. 

Look for unique animal encounters that stand out from your norm. 

Like a bird seeking shelter at your home, a cat following you on your daily walk, or two turtles showing up in your dream.

Birds laying eggs and nesting on your property are usually a positive omen of good fortune coming. (My friend experienced this!)

Sometimes, spirit animals can also cross your path during important life junctures. For instance, a hawk crossing someone’s path could mean that the person is undergoing a spiritual awakening. I experienced a hawk during the initial phase of my spiritual awakening.

5. Songs and Lyrics

Songs and lyrics are another powerful way to receive messages. For example, hearing a song everywhere you go or finding lyrics that describe your situation.

My favorite, though, is when the song lyrics express your exact thoughts at the same time. This is a powerful synchronicity to encounter. With song and lyrics, pay attention to your thoughts and feelings when you experience the sign. 

6. Tower Moments


Tower moments are called tower moments because the tower card in the tarot symbolizes chaos, upheaval, and unexpected change. They are generally forced changes placed on an individual. 

Major life areas such as home, life partner, and career can get taken away and cleared out, and in some cases, suddenly. Tower moments often lead to ego death or a dark night of the soul.

If this happens, then this is a mega sign that a change, pivot, or new direction is being asked of you by the Universe. A total life transformation. 

Changing one area of life is challenging, but changing multiple major life areas is a tough time for an individual. So I hope this is not you, but I promise you will be on the other side living your best life. If you need support, please refer to my coaching page. 

7. Repeating Numbers

Repeating numbers, aka angel numbers like 1111, 222, or 444, can hold powerful messages. 

During a spiritual awakening, angel numbers can appear more rapidly on your path through dreams, clocks, and waking up in the middle of the night. 

Take notice if the same number constantly appears in your experience four, five, six, or more times a day. 

The best way to decode number synchronicities is to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings when you encounter them. 

8. Déjà Vu


Déjà vu is an unexplainable feeling of familiarity we have all experienced.

Some consider déjà vu a mystical experience, but psychologists are not on board with this phenomenon, as the mind can play tricks on us. 

While we don’t want to get too attached to déjà vu, I wouldn’t discount it as bogus either. Experiencing déjà vu can be a sign that your intuition or Clair senses are opening up. 

For instance, you wake up with a familiar feeling, a memory of chatting with your friend yesterday. So you check your phone, but there are no signs of talking or texting with your friend, and five minutes later, they text you. 

9. Inexplicable Phenomena

Inexplicable phenomena are those unexplainable moments that feel eerie and unnerving.

For instance, waking up in the middle of the night and something falls at the exact time. Synchronicity or coincidence?

I think it’s synchronicity!

10. Invitations to Outings


Have you noticed periods when you receive an exhaustive number of invitations and other times your phone is radio silent?

Paying attention to the ebb and flow of your social energy can give you clues about what the Universe is communicating with you. 

For instance, during the slow season, it could mean the Universe wants you to take the initiative to invite others out, or maybe it’s time to hibernate, go inward, and spend time on self-care.

Conversely, an influx of invitations could be a sign the Universe wants you to go out to meet someone important on your life journey, especially if you are longing for new friendships or want to manifest a new dream lover. Ultimately, how you decipher the message is up to you.

Closing Thoughts On What Are Signs From the Universe

And Voila! Remember, signs from the Universe are external manifestations of what your intuition already knows. Listening is a game that can be really fun once you get the hang of it; like a song and dance, you play with the divine. 

I hope you get from this article that you’re not alone. While we don’t want to drive ourselves crazy by extracting meaning from every little thing, keep your intuition open, as the Universe always communicates with you through your surroundings and life experiences. 

Wishing you a fun and magical time connecting with the Universe. Happy manifesting!

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