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50 Empowering Self-Worth Affirmations to Heal Worthiness (+3 Exercises)

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Struggling with low self-worth is a painful way to experience life. But thankfully, your experience can change.

Repairing your sense of worthiness is the deepest healing you can give yourself. Stabilizing your self-worth will lead to greater happiness, well-being, and emotional fulfillment. And the only way to heal it is with massive amounts of self-love. 

In this article, you’ll find 50 positive self-worth affirmations to support your healing and manifestation journey. 

Okay, let’s get started.

What is Self-Worth?


Self-worth is foundational and is a part of the various qualities of self-love. It is the unconditional part of your being. Self-worth goes beyond identity, self-esteem, and confidence. It is the belief that you are worthy and loved just for existing without expectations or conditions. Healing low self-worth requires total self-acceptance and self-compassion.

Feeling good enough, feeling worthy of receiving healthy love, and having a sense of social belonging are attributes that accompany a positive sense of self-worth. Feelings of self-rejection, shame, chronic guilt, and self-hatred are manifestations of having low self-worth. 

Self-worth is akin to a feeling of safety and security in oneself. In essence, it’s the inner knowing that whatever happens, on a fundamental level, you are okay, and the external environment does not dictate your sense of self. 

Moreover, self-worth often gets confused with self-esteem. Self-esteem is the value you put on your skills, qualities, and abilities in relation to external factors. Self-esteem differs from self-worth in that self-esteem has conditions and is measurable. However, our self-esteem can be distorted if there are deeper issues with self-worth.

For instance, let’s say a person went through a breakup. The perceived failure will, of course, hurt, and their self-esteem will take a blow. But a person who lacks self-worth takes a harder impact. They might take it as they are inherently bad, unloveable, and will never find love again. The disappointment will blow the whole house down.

As opposed to someone with high self-worth, their roof gets destroyed, but they’ll learn what they need to learn from it and repair the roof. So, think of self-worth as the foundational layer and self-esteem as the next building block. 

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What are Self-Worth Affirmations?


Self-worth affirmations are short positive phrases you repeat to overcome limiting beliefs and reshape your self-concept

Affirmations are different from prayers, mantras, and quotes. They all have a similar effect on the psyche and emotional body, but affirmations are used to energize a specific emotional vibration in your body. 

In this case, for self-worth, you want to energize unconditional love, acceptance, abundance, compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude. 

Contrary to popular belief, your temperament is not fixed. Self-affirming rewires new neural pathways in the brain, and with practice, you can train yourself to feel and believe differently. 

7 Steps to Use Affirmations for Self-Worth

  1. The best times to work with affirmations are in the morning, before bed, and after meditations.
  2. Choose 3 to 5 affirmations below that you resonate with. 
  3. You can repeat affirmations in front of the mirror, in your head, or write them in a manifestation journal
  4. Before you begin, take a few deep and slow breaths to relax your mind and body. Bring your energy down to your body and concentrate your awareness on your body. Deep and slow breathing carries more oxygen to the brain and activates your parasympathetic nervous system. Focusing on your breathing is essential; as you know, your breath manages your nervous system.
  5. Gently repeat each affirmation ten times. Each time you say the affirmation, reach for a deeper and fuller expression of the emotion. When you say the affirmation, conjure up the emotional experience. The emotional experience is essential because to train the subconscious mind, you have to train the emotional body. 
  6. If you’re up for a gentle challenge, memorize the emotional experience and maintain the feeling throughout your day. 
  7. During the day, if you notice yourself spiraling into a negative thinking pattern, breathe and gently reach for a self-worth affirmation. Concentrate your energy on your body and breath as you repeat each affirmation.

3 Self-Worth Exercises

  • Take some time to make a list of your positive qualities. If you can’t think of a positive quality, meditate on it throughout your week until you find one and continue to add to your list. Look at your list daily until you feel stable in knowing your positive qualities. 
  • Ask your friends and family for one to three things they love and appreciate about you. Read it every day until you know it and feel stable.
  • Start crediting yourself in your interactions with friends. Explain to them that you are working on healing your self-worth. Your real friends will want to add value and be supportive. 


50 Self-Worth Affirmations

  1. I am worthy of my desires.
  2. I am worthy of love. 
  3. I am worthy just for being myself. 
  4. I forgive myself for my past mistakes, show compassion, and am worthy of future blessings.
  5. I deserve to be loved, healthy, and happy.
  6. I fully accept myself down to the core of my bones.
  7. I love my friends, and they love me back.
  8. I deserve to speak my mind and my truth.
  9. I love myself for just being me.
  10. I am whole and complete.
  11. I don’t need to prove myself or my worth to anyone.
  12. My flaws are loveable and quite funny.
  13. My good friends always remind me to add to myself and not take away, and I do the same for them. 
  14. I add value just for being me.
  15. I don’t need to agree with everyone. I can have my own opinions.
  16. I let go of being hard on myself and self-criticism.
  17. I value my thoughts and feelings and allow myself to speak confidently.
  18. I trust my instincts and intuition.
  19. It’s a balance between what I think of others and what they think of me. I let go of worrying about what others think of me. 
  20. I am worthy of respect. 
  21. I am worthy of a fulfilling career and doing what I love.
  22. I am worthy of a healthy relationship where we both respect each other.
  23. I am worthy of healthy love. 
  24. I show myself compassion and accept my good qualities and flaws.
  25. I embrace and love myself unconditionally.
  26. I treat myself with kindness, care, and thoughtfulness.
  27. I understand and love myself completely.
  28. I am surrounded by positivity, love, and compassion.
  29. I wake up in the morning to a healthy dose of love, bliss, and happiness.
  30. I release resentment, bitterness, criticism, and rigidity.
  31. I am flexible and flow with life. 
  32. I am soft and gentle.
  33. I treat my heart with gentleness, kindness, and respect.
  34. I release criticism and perfection and fill my cells with love.
  35. My self-worth is solid and is not contingent on external factors.
  36. I release anger and resentment and choose love and well-being. 
  37. My life is a blessing and a gift.
  38. I am worthy and whole, just as I am. 
  39. I love and respect my body. 
  40. I let go of negative self-talk.
  41. I let go of the past of feeling worthless and step into the future with a healthy sense of self-love, compassion, and worth.
  42. I am worthy of achieving my dreams.
  43. Although I embrace growing, I am happy with myself and accept where I am now.
  44. I am worthy and believe I can receive miracles, luck, and joy.
  45. I am abundant.
  46. I honor and respect my mind, body, and soul.
  47. I release any undertones of anger, resentment, and criticism.
  48. I look at myself in a neutral light and release dualistic and judgmental thinking.
  49. I open myself up to receive love and abundance.
  50. I release perfection and rigidity.

Closing Thoughts on Self-Worth Affirmations

I hope that this article helped you on your healing journey. Please feel free to change the affirmations to fit your situation. I wish you many blessings and so much love and joy!

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