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7 Powerful Self-Healing Techniques to Manifest Self-Love 

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Whether you’re in the midst of chaos or manifesting a brand new reality, a little tender love and care for your mind, body, and soul is never a bad idea. 

In this article, discover 7 powerful self-healing techniques to clear your energy and love yourself more. 

Disclaimer: Most self-healing techniques are gentle. If you have any medical concerns, please consult a medical practitioner about your individual needs and lifestyle before starting a new practice.


What is Self-Healing?

Self-healing is healing from emotional, mental, and spiritual distress. Its purpose is to restore one’s system to a state of peace, harmony, and balance. 

Emotional, mental, and spiritual suffering can range from mild to severe. It is usually caused by life circumstances or unwanted thought patterns and emotional pain that disharmonize the mind-body complex. 

For example, spreading yourself too thin and overworking yourself, early childhood neglect, traumatic relationships, or upsetting circumstances that shock the nervous system. 

In all cases, the remedy is love—such as acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, appreciation, gentleness, kindness, rest, and more. 

Finally, during this time of healing and renewal, people find value in building a connection with the Universe and developing trust and faith in a higher power. 

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What are Self-Healing Techniques?

Self-healing techniques are simple ways to restore your emotional health to a state of peace and stability.

Most techniques derive from ancient holistic modalities that focus on mind, body, and spirit and recognize energy systems as a part of the human experience. 

They can be used at home alone or jointly with therapeutic counseling.

However, if you are experiencing severe trauma, please consult with an experienced mental health professional, medical practitioner, or energy healer to better understand your situation. 

7 Powerful Self-Healing Techniques to Try at Home Tonight

self-healing-techniques-woman-in white-meditating-in-nature

1. Self-Love Affirmations

Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life, believed in the healing power of thought.

She popularized affirmations in the 1980s, and since then, self-love affirmations have become a classic self-help method for healing and raising one’s vibration.

They’re an instant mood booster and can have long-term effects on your spiritual health and well-being. 

You can do affirmations in front of a mirror or silently in your mind throughout the day. If you prefer writing, you can also script affirmations in your journal.

The most important thing when working with affirmations is to feel the feelings as you affirm the new positive belief.

2. Alternate Nostril Breathing


Your breath determines the quality of your life.

Alternate nostril breathing (Nadi Shodhana)—is a simple yogic breathing technique (Pranayama) that is easy to learn and use for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. 

Alternate nostril breathing involves breathing from one nostril to the other and has many different variations.

This technique purifies the airway passages and balances the autonomic nervous system, which consists of the parasympathetic (feminine/rest and digest) and sympathetic (masculine/fight or flight) nervous systems.

Nadi Shodhana helps to balance and focus the mind. It is a wonderful technique to use daily before meditation or to relieve stress and overwhelm. For full instructions, please use Chopra’s guide to Nadi Shodhana

**May not be suitable for individuals with asthma or lung conditions.

3. EFT Tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique is a therapeutic tapping technique that powerfully combines psychotherapy and acupressure to release emotional blockages.

It involves tapping on meridian energy points while releasing negative emotions. 

EFT tapping can be used for manifestation, emotional well-being, insomnia, personal growth, self-empowerment, and more.

It is a safe and gentle way to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression and cultivate more self-love and inner radiance. 

To achieve a more robust experience, it is recommended that you combine EFT with affirmations or visualizations. EFT has its own classic tapping sequence, or you can create your own. 

4. Ho’oponopono Prayer


Ho’oponopono is a traditional Hawaiian healing practice consisting of four phrases to promote inner well-being and reconciliation. 

Sometimes, we feel pain and resentment toward somebody who hurt us. It appears as though it’s outside of us, but actually, we are holding onto the pain in our bodies.

It’s important to clear our energy and the energetic cord that links us to the other person.  

It is a beautiful healing technique to do in the morning or before bed, but you can also say the prayer anytime throughout the day—aloud or silently.

If you have trouble sleeping and your mind races before bed, this prayer can help you relax and fall asleep. I like to put both hands on my heart center while saying the prayer. You can recite the prayer repeatedly, like an affirmation or mantra, and for as long as you wish. 

Ho’oponopono Prayer:

I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You

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5. Self-Love Journaling

Self-love journaling is another powerful self-healing technique.

Journaling reminds us to slow down and helps us become more intimate with ourselves. Self-love journaling can help you reflect on your emotions, emotionally support yourself, and understand yourself more deeply. 

Here are some self-love journal prompts to get you started:

  • How do I feel about my situation?
  • Why do I feel this way?
  • Does this wound or trigger remind me of a memory?
  • How can I care for my emotional needs?
  • What does my heart need right now?
  • How can I care for myself today?

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5. Child’s Pose 


The beloved Child’s Pose (Balasana) of yoga received its name because it emulates the fetal position in our mother’s womb—when we were safe, warm, and felt nurtured. All we needed to do was just relax in our mother’s bellies, and sustenance was provided. 

Child’s Pose promotes deep belly breathing and relaxation. We learn to surrender to non-doing and gravity.

This pose can help bring up feelings of safety, security, and warmth.

Let go and let yourself hang out in a Child’s Pose. Give over to the ground or your bed, and let it carry you. Your breath should naturally flow to the belly.

**May not be suitable if you have knee injuries, are pregnant, or are recovering from surgery.

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6. Self-Hugging


Yes, self-hugging is a real thing! Self-hugging proves the healing power of touch and affection. We are affectionate beings, and hugging helps us feel connected to one another. 

However, when we are in a position where we can’t find a free hug, we can also hug and show affection to ourselves. 

Take your arms, wrap them around your torso, and give yourself a giant bear hug. You can do this while repeating self-love affirmations or the Ho’oponopono prayer. 

You can also improvise and say nurturing and caring things to yourself. When you’re done, give your shoulders a gentle massage. Our shoulders tend to carry a lot of stress. 

Closing Thoughts on Self-Healing Techniques

And voila! Allowing yourself space and time to slow down and recover from worldly interactions can help increase well-being and promote self-love.

I hope this article gave you some powerful self-healing techniques to try at home tonight. 

Your body is your first home. May you live well, and I wish you many blessings, so much love, and joy! 

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