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7 Self-Care Ideas When You’re Burned Out and Exhausted

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Looking for self-care ideas to help you relax? If you are anything like me, you struggle with FOMO. You’re juggling a bazillion things—work duties, social engagements, family responsibilities, hobbies, exercise, expanding your network, because you know: YOLO.

You live an active life, and that’s how you like it. 

But with an active life comes high energy, and with high energy comes….


whatever comes up must come down. 

You crash. 

Your burnout crept around the corner without you even realizing it. And sometimes, it doesn’t show up in a straightforward manner, such as extreme fatigue. It shows up in subtle, passive-aggressive ways. Little hints, if you will.  

Little signs that remind you to take care of yourself: gut health, hair loss, body acne, and the list goes on. 

Sometimes, you can physically handle your responsibilities but can’t emotionally handle them. Sometimes, you can manage your life emotionally, but mentally managing it is challenging. And vice versa. 

It’s essential to have it all work together: body, mind, and soul. So, knowing your limitations is key here. But that’s a lesson in getting to know yourself. We’ll save that for another day.

Back to caring for yourself. If your body is reminding you to slow down, then slow way down, you must. Here are 7 simple self-care ideas to fall back on for when you feel exhausted and burnt out.


Self-Care Idea 1: Snuggle in Bed and Sleep More

Sleep is medicine. Laying in bed can do wonders for your soul, especially if you are exhausted. Your body needs it right now. I am sharper and think more clearly when I give my body adequate and quality rest. Use conventional wisdom as a guide, but listening to what your body is telling you won’t steer you wrong. Conventional wisdom says that most people need an average of 8 hours. But in my experience, some people need 9 hours, and some people only need 4 hours. Everyone is different. 

Self-Care Idea 2: Journal 

Journaling is a writing meditation and does wonders for the soul. It’s a great way to vent and validate your feelings. Use this time to check in and re-evaluate your lifestyle. Is there something you can do differently to prevent burnout? How can you improve your situation next time?

Self-Care Idea 3: Exercise

I don’t recommend exercise if you are fatigued. But if you are exhausted from being there for everyone else and not yourself, exercise is a great way to release pent-up frustration, spend time with yourself, and connect with your body. A nice relaxing yin yoga class can get your body feeling centered and rested. 

Self-Care Idea 4: Read a Book That Nourishes Your Soul

There is something about reading an author’s words that moves you to the core. Some authors have a magical ability that helps bring light and flow to your life.  

Self-Care Idea 5: Listen to Your Body

Your relationship with your body is sacred. Often, we ignore the messages our body is telling us until it’s too late. Your body constantly tells you what it needs: sleep, I’m full, maybe no more alcohol, or I’m just not vibing with this person. Whatever it is, learning how to tune in with your body and adequately respond is a skill worth mastering.

Self-Care Idea 6: Cook Your Favorite Comforting Meal

If you have been out socializing and eating unhealthy food, a great way to find balance is to cook yourself something wholesome. Turn on some easy-listening music, crack open your window, let some air in, and enjoy the sensual pleasures of cooking. Maybe make fresh pasta sauce, a delicious grilled cheese, or whatever floats your boat. Be with yourself and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. 

Self-Care Idea 7: Reflect on Your Communication Habits

Learning to communicate our needs is a life-long lesson for most of us. It’s an ongoing self-care practice. Reflect in your journal about your burnout, pinpoint what went wrong, and what you can do to improve. Was your body trying to communicate with you, and you ignored it? Did you take on more than you can handle at work and struggle to communicate with your boss?

Take Away

Burnouts can be a wake-up call and sometimes a scary one. But with the 7 self-care ideas above, you can take some time to yourself and find equilibrium. Make sure to take notes of your limitations and how much you can pile on your plate. Take good care of yourself and breathe compassion into your soul. Bye now. Sending you love & light. 

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