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107 Fun Self-Care Activities For Adults

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I’ve made a list of fun self-care activities for adults for whenever you are looking for inspiration and joy in your life.  

When the Universe nudges for the world to change, the one thing I know for sure: do not resist. Internal resistance causes prolonged, endured, and intensified suffering in times of hardship. 

I always needed people around, always on the go, and always looking for the next party. It took me a long time to get to know myself, which eventually led to a lot of suffering. If this downtime makes you uneasy, I totally get it. Check out some of my mind-body-spirit ideas below to help ease your anxiety.

Solitude is a powerful time if you use it wisely. Some of my friends are even planning a career change and are undergoing a complete transformation. 

This downtime is the perfect time to do the things you have wanted to do for yourself. You can let go of the old negative energy that’s been holding you back, build a new practice that will improve your life, start a new hobby that will fulfill you, redesign your entire life, or be and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. 

It might be weird at first, but you will emerge from your cocoon as a beautiful butterfly pretty soon. 

If you feel lost on how to spend your time, I thought I’d brainstorm a mega list of a hundred and six self-care ideas to help inspire you.


Fun Self-Care Activities 1: Pick Up a New Hobby 

  1. Make homemade bread starter
  2. Bake your favorite dessert
  3. Brew homemade beer
  4. Color
  5. Cook your favorite meal and drink wine
  6. Dance
  7. Do crosswords puzzles
  8. Do indoor photography
  9. Work on your DIY projects
  10. Draw
  11. Learn how to knit
  12. Learn a new language
  13. Learn astrology
  14. Play an instrument
  15. Listen to your favorite music
  16. Make jam
  17. Paint
  18. Make pottery
  19. Research a new hobby or interest
  20. Sew a garment
  21. Start a self-sustaining garden
  22. Tailor your own clothing
  23. Learn tarot cards
  24. Work on your scrapbook
  25. Work on your art
  26. Work on your garden
  27. Write music
  28. Write poetry

Fun Self-Care Activities 2: Take Care of Your Mind-Body-Spirit 

  1. Do mind-body-spirit type exercises (yoga, tai chi)
  2. Calm your anxiety with EFT Tapping
  3. Build a gratitude journal practice
  4. Heal using Ho’ponopono
  5. Build a morning pages (journal) practice
  6. Just Be 
  7. Light your favorite candles
  8. Listen to your favorite podcasts
  9. Make a list of people you’ve been holding negative feelings for and release them.
  10. Meditate
  11. Exercise
  12. Plan a solo trip – Bali??
  13. Start a breathing (pranayama) ritual
  14. Read spiritual or personal growth books
  15. Record your dreams
  16. Sleep in without guilt 
  17. Letting go practice: write a goodbye letter to an ex or enemy and burn it
  18. Go for a jog or stroll in your neighborhood
  19. Research on self-sustainable lifestyle 
  20. Incorporate daily stretching
  21. Prepare healthy foods and incorporate healthy habits
  22. Build a self-reflection practice 

Fun Self-Care Activities 3: Manifest Your Future Desires

  1. Work on a side hustle
  2. Create a life plan
  3. Do a 30-day challenge
  4. Find freelance writing jobs
  5. Invent something
  6. Look for side gigs online to earn extra money
  7. Make a bucket list
  8. Make a vision board 
  9. Organize your finances
  10. Plan future investments
  11. Catch on your reading
  12. Listen to audiobooks
  13. Revamp your morning routine
  14. Build a solid night ritual
  15. Set new goals 
  16. Start a blog  
  17. Start a Youtube channel
  18. Start an emergency fund
  19. Launch a business 
  20. Take an online course  
  21. Plan a career change 
  22. Finish a novel
  23. Make a master to-do list

Fun Self-Care Activities 4: Get Organized

  1. Deep clean your house
  2. Detox from social media and news for a few days
  3. Detox your entire life
  4. Detox your physical body
  5. Feng shui your house
  6. Organize your technology (phone, computer files, backup your files)
  7. Organize your social media accounts (delete people, build a profile)
  8. Do your taxes
  9. Spring clean your house
  10. Deep clean your house
  11. Organize your photo albums 
  12. Organize your garage
  13. Organize your pantry
  14. Reorganize your closets
  15. Repaint a room in your home
  16. Organize your film list on your streaming service
  17. Make a music list on Spotify or your streaming service

Fun Self-Care Activities 5: Get a Glow Up

  1. Cut your hair
  2. Give yourself a home spa day
  3. Give yourself a manicure and pedicure
  4. Give yourself a candlelit bubble bath with essential oils
  5. Do a DIY hair and face mask
  6. Play dress-up and come up with new outfits
  7. Practice braiding hair with YouTube videos
  8. Practice new makeup tutorials

Fun Self-Care Activities 6: Get Social and Connect 

  1. Watch your favorite nostalgic TV show 
  2. Catch up on shows or films
  3. Schedule group Facetime chats with friends
  4. Check up on old friends
  5. Pick a director and binge-watch their films
  6. Send a care package to a friend who is not doing well
  7. Give your pet extra TLC
  8. Donate to your favorite charity
  9. Catch up on online chess with friends

Take Away

I hope the self-care ideas above inspire you during this challenging COVID-19 time and keep you occupied in the most meaningful way ever. Do you find comfort in knowing we are all in this together? I believe we’ll all find the jewel in the dirt amidst this craziness.

I pray for the safety and well-being of you and your loved ones. See you on the other side, a beautiful butterfly. You’ve got this. You’ll knock this self-isolation thing out of the park. Good luck!!

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