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How to Use the Neville Goddard’s Fast Forward Technique to Manifest

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Looking for a new manifestation technique that works? You’re in the right place! Read more to learn how to use Neville Goddard’s Fast Forward Technique to manifest confidence, high self-esteem, and anything else you desire. 


First, Who Was Neville Goddard, and What Was His Main Philosophy?

If you’re new to Neville Goddard, let’s briefly go over who he was and his philosophy. 

Neville was a beloved spiritual teacher who taught people how to change their lives with the Law of Assumption. The Law of Assumption states that your assumptions create your reality, and what you internally assume to be true manifests in your external reality. 

Neville wholeheartedly believed that a person could manifest a new reality through the power of imagination. 

He advocated that to change your life, you must fully turn your attention away from the external world and focus completely on changing your inner world (your assumptions). 

Neville’s manifesting techniques will teach you how to do just that: use your imagination to change your assumptions.

When working with Neville’s manifesting techniques, you should know one key concept his techniques aim to help you achieve—the state of the wish fulfilled

Living in the state of the wish fulfilled means using your imagination to persuade yourself the external desire you want is already here. You assume it’s done. 

And as you persist in the state of the wish fulfilled, Neville says the world will have no choice but to conform to your assumptions. That’s how powerful you are—as within, so without.

Okay, let’s go over how to live in the state of the wish fulfilled using the Fast Forward Technique.

What is the Fast Forward Technique?

The Fast Forward Technique is a Law of Assumption technique. You fast forward through time, transport yourself to the end of an event you anticipate (e.g., an upcoming job interview), and imagine it going well in your favor.

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When to Use the Fast Forward Technique

This Fast Forward Technique drives home his concept of thinking from the end state. It is flexible and works well for any desire you wish to manifest. 

However, the Fast Forward technique is incredibly potent for people who struggle with self-confidence, self-esteem, or self-worth

More specifically, if you struggle with pessimism, negative thinking, anxiety, nervousness, fear that things will go poorly for you, or a lack of self-belief in your abilities surrounding an upcoming event. 

For instance, you are an actor and need more confidence in line memorization. You believe you will forget your lines, so you sabotage yourself and forget your lines during performances. 

Limiting Beliefs: I am not enough. I am not good enough to handle my responsibilities.

Use the Fast Forward technique to break out of the negative thinking loop. 

It will help to stabilize confidence, self-assurance, and self-belief. Start to see that things can go smoothly for you instead of imagining disasters, catastrophes, or the worst of a situation.

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Examples of When to Use the Fast Forward Technique

  • A romantic date
  • A job interview
  • An upcoming exam
  • A presentation
  • Public speaking
  • A performance (e.g., actors, athletes, and musicians)
  • Networking events
  • A dreaded conversation
  • Sales meetings and calls 

How to Use the Fast Forward Technique in 3 Steps


Step 1: Claim Your Desire

The first step is to claim your desire and decide it’s yours. You can do this by writing it down in your manifestation journal

I recommend keeping a separate manifestation journal just for your manifestations and visualizations. Writing your desires down begins the process of physicalizing them in the material world.

So, for example, let’s say you have an upcoming work presentation. Claim it will go well because it already has. It’s done. 

Write down how it went: I finished my work presentation, which went well. I am delighted with how smoothly it went.

If this is your first time manifesting with the Law of Assumption, work on one desire at a time for the best results. 

Once you get the hang of manifesting, people sometimes venture out and manifest multiple desires simultaneously. But starting slow will help you build a strong manifestation practice and help you focus entirely on your goal.

Step 2: Use the Fast Forward Technique to Imagine Your Outcome

Photo by Anastasiya Vragova from Pexels

Next, set aside quiet time to relax your mind and body so you can visualize your desire.

So, for the work presentation example:

Start by visualizing the scene of your work presentation. Go to the very end of already having your desire and think and imagine from that state. 

For instance, you are now done with your presentation and are looking back on your presentation. Everyone has left the room; you’re cleaning up and feeling good about everything while reflecting on your presentation. 

Whatever you do, go to the very end. Let’s say, for the same scenario, your boss will critique you. Instead of constructing an event of you cleaning up after the presentation, visualize the performance meeting with your boss. 

As you reflect on your presentation, fill in the details; how many people were there? What facial expressions did you see? What questions were asked? How did you feel while giving your presentation and answering your questions? 

You get the gist. 

Evoke your five senses. What do you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch? Build out your scene as clearly and vividly as possible. The more nuanced, detailed, and believable you can make it for yourself, the better. 

Most importantly, make it feel real.

According to Neville, feelings are the secret sauce to manifesting, so the vital part of the Fast Forward technique is to internalize the feelings of your visualization. 

The best time to reprogram the subconscious mind is when you are in a drowsy meditative state and your brain waves are in theta. Neville calls this the state akin to sleep (SATS)

Powerful times to impress the subconscious mind are before you fall asleep, right after you wake up, and after meditations. 

However, the most potent time to access the SATS is the 10 to 15-minute window before you doze off at night when your conscious awareness drifts from awake to falling asleep. 

Your subconscious mind will work to impress your visualization into your memory while you sleep.

Step 3: Assume Your Desire is Fulfilled 


The last step is to assume that it’s done. Repeat your visualization every night until you feel that you have your desire. 

Over time, your visualizations will become so deeply ingrained in your subconscious that they become like memories and your natural state of being. This is the goal. 

Live in the state of the wish fulfilled day in and day out. Call upon the visualization during the day when you feel you have left this state.

You’ll know when your subconscious has impressed your new assumption when you feel that you already have your desire. Along with the end state, you’ll likely experience calm, peace, and gratitude. 

Neville says, in the beginning, the state of the wish fulfilled will feel false, but as you persist, the external world will have no choice but to conform to your assumptions. 

How Long Should You Do the Fast Forward Technique?

According to a University College London Study, building a habit takes 18 to 254 days, an average of 66 days for most people. 

However, your level of belief plays a crucial role; if you believe 18 days, then 18 days. 

So, how long it takes to impress your subconscious mind depends on your ability to persuade yourself and let go of your limiting beliefs.  

Ideally, you should use all of Neville’s techniques until your subconscious mind accepts the visualization, and it becomes like a memory. 

Be flexible with your limiting beliefs and let them dissolve and disintegrate, but shift your stubborn energy towards assuming you already have your desire. Once you unlock this, you’ll see major shifts in your life. 

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List of Neville Goddard’s Concepts to Be a Powerful Manifestor 

Goddard mastered the human psyche. He studied the human mind from all angles and discovered numerous entry points into the imagination. 

I’ve compiled a list of his best manifestation techniques. Read my blog post, 17 Best Neville Goddard’s Manifesting Techniques List, to help you attract your desires. 

Closing Thoughts on Neville Goddard’s Fast Forward Technique

There you have it. Now you know how to use Neville Goddard’s Fast Forward Technique. I would love to hear how it goes, and please let me know if you have any questions. I’d be happy to help.

Wishing you many blessings, so much love, and joy!

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