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17 BRILLIANT Neville Goddard Manifestation Techniques To Try

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Are you curious about The Law of Assumption and Neville Goddard’s manifestation techniques? I don’t blame you! His techniques will most definitely beef up your manifesting game. 

Before we discuss each technique, we’ll briefly go over who Neville Goddard is and his main philosophy.

All of Neville’s manifestation techniques are different entry points into your imagination, various ways to strengthen and control your internal landscape. But ultimately, every technique should lead you to the same place—the state of the wish fulfilled. 

So don’t feel overwhelmed or get too hung up on needing to know them all. Pick one or a few, experiment, and see what works for you.

Below, I’ve compiled 17 of his most powerful techniques to try out. 

It’s a long one, so hang on tight and enjoy!


First, What is Manifesting?

Manifesting is the art of bringing the formless into form. You use your spiritual nature to consciously create your life from the inside out because your external reality reflects your internal reality. This is the Law of Correspondence.

In other words, you cultivate and reorganize your mind, body, and soul complex in such a way that it matches the external reality you deeply desire.

Everything you see in the 3D physical world is really only a fragment of yourself. So, if you don’t like what you see out there, the only thing to do is change what is happening inside.

Another way to look at manifesting is learning how to believe and know. Believing means accepting something as true, and knowing means becoming conscious of something.

You can see it even when others cannot, but YOU can see it clearly and with absolute certainty. This is your manifesting power.

Neville’s manifesting techniques will teach you how to use the power of your imagination to see aspects of yourself clearly. Then, watch the external world realign itself to match your internal world. 

Another essential part of manifesting is learning about your emotional vibration! Be sure to read my article to learn more about the Emotional Guidance Scale developed by Esther Abraham-Hicks.

Who is Neville Goddard?


Neville Lancelot Goddard, February 19, 1905 – October 1, 1972, is a mystic, spiritual teacher, and metaphysical thinker originally from Barbados. Neville gained notoriety during the 1930s New Thought Movement and is considered the Father of The Law of Attraction

Neville was an accomplished Broadway dancer in the first half of his life. By the latter half, he met his friend Abdullah, an Ethiopian rabbi mystic. He began studying under Abdullah and devoted his life to helping people change their lives through the power of imagination.

Neville Goddard’s Philosophy: The Law of Assumption

Neville Goddard believed that man’s imagination is God. Thus, you are God (Universe) and the creator of your own reality. 

He intertwined the Bible’s teachings throughout his books and lectures. He had an unusual take on the Bible. He believed that the Bible’s characters and parables symbolized the human psychological experience and explained their hidden mystical meanings throughout his teachings.

This was, and maybe still today, considered pretty rebellious and revolutionary. 

Neville’s driving philosophy is The Law of Assumption, which states that “Assumptions harden into facts.” What you assume to be true will be true.

He teaches that consciousness is the one and only true reality. Your external reality is a projection of your internal state of consciousness. 

Seek not to change the external world but only to change your inner world, and your external reality will have no choice but to conform to your assumptions. 

Neville Goddard’s Core Manifesting Concepts


17 Powerful Neville Goddard Manifestation Techniques 

1. The Ladder Technique 


The first Neville Goddard technique is The Ladder Technique, technically called The Ladder Experiment. This technique is his most famous technique and was often the first technique he introduced to his students. 

Though no one knows for sure the reasoning behind the experiment, but his fans speculate that it was intended to prove that his methodologies worked and to demonstrate that the subconscious mind has more power over the conscious mind to manifest your reality. 

For this exercise, he instructed his students to imagine climbing a ladder in bed for three consecutive nights. Do this in a State Akin To Sleep, the drowsy state you encounter right before you drift off. Evoke your five senses and visualize yourself climbing up and down a ladder in the first person. 

Next, when you wake up, write on post-it notes or paper, “I will NOT climb a ladder,” as often as you can throughout the day.

After you do this for three consecutive days, forget about the experiment and completely let go of it. Amazingly, after doing the exercise, his students reported randomly encountering situations where they had to climb a ladder.

Full Guide: Neville Goddard’s Ladder Technique in 9 Steps (I Will Not)

2. The Eavesdropping Technique


The second Neville Goddard technique is The Eavesdropping Technique. For this technique, imagine yourself eavesdropping on people you know having a conversation about you with your desire accomplished. 

Imagine who is talking in vivid detail, their body language, cadence, and words. Hear their praise, admiration, and excitement. Get engrossed in their conversation, and live out the emotional experience of you already having your desire as if it were happening now. 

Neville even said that you could imagine people feeling envious or jealous of you as well. I don’t recommend this, but whatever feels right is fine as long as it feels authentic to you. 

Full Guide: How to Use Neville Goddard’s Eavesdropping Technique to Manifest

3. The Congratulations Technique


The third Neville Goddard technique is The Congratulations Technique.

For this technique, construct an event in which a person or group congratulates you for achieving your desire. For instance, you just got a job promotion, and your parents invite you out for a celebratory dinner. Evoke all five senses and visualize them in vivid detail, congratulating you.

Maybe your dad shakes your hand. Really feel his handshake. Or maybe your mom hugs and embraces you. Smell the scent of her perfume. Take in the look on her face and clearly hear her voice and words. What emotions do they evoke: a feeling of warmth, genuine happiness, sincere support?

Work on the state of the wish fulfilled until it feels so real that you have your desire.  

Full Guide: How to Use Neville Goddard’s Congratulations Technique to Manifest

4. The Fast Forward Technique


The fourth Neville Goddard technique is The Fast-Forward Technique, sometimes also called The Go To the End Technique.

This technique works well in circumstances where a future event makes you feel apprehensive. For instance, let’s say you have an upcoming work presentation. Go into your imagination, fast-forward to the event, and visualize it working out well for you as if it were happening now. 

This technique combats pessimism, negative thinking, and fear. Some of us subconsciously imagine ourselves failing, stumbling over our words, sweating, or freezing up. Everything crashing and burning.

Instead, imagine yourself succeeding. See everything go in your favor. The presentation went smoothly; you engaged your audience and provided value. You are now finished with the presentation and relishing your achievement.

You have to really mean it and imagine your scene until it feels so real that your goal is already accomplished and done. 

Full Guide: How to Use Neville Goddard’s Fast Forward Technique to Manifest

5. The Breathing Technique


The fifth Neville Goddard technique is The Breathing Technique. This one is a fun one! This technique mimics the sexual act and harnesses your spiritual and creative powers to manifest.

First, clearly decide on a desire. Second, visualize that your desire is already accomplished. Next, during your visualization, begin to inhale and exhale. Start at a slow pace and accelerate to a quicker speed. Find a rhythm that feels natural to you.

Keep going, and then take one last deep inhale. At the bottom of your inhale, exhale and explode the air out. The last explosion is like the peak and climax during sex. 

Neville suggests doing this exercise only once for any manifestation you work on. The idea is that every climax is an impregnation of creation, and you can never repeat it. It can only happen once, and it’s finished.

The last explosive exhale should fuel the outcome of your desire. So, once you’re finished, you can let go and leave the rest to the Universe.

Full Guide: How to Manifest With Neville Goddard Breathing Technique [Step-by-Step]

6. The Isn’t It Wonderful Technique


The sixth Neville Goddard technique is The Isn’t it Wonderful TechniqueThis technique is similar to affirmations and great for beginner manifestors struggling with visualization. 

Get into a drowsy, sleepy, meditative state—State Akin to Sleep (SATS)Think from the end state of your desire, activate your senses, and imagine that your desire is already fulfilled. 

Begin each thought with: Isn’t it wonderful [insert desire].

For instance, if you want to manifest a new love relationship, your thoughts might start like this.

Isn’t it wonderful [I found Alex]? Continue crafting your experience.

Isn’t it wonderful [she is attentive and thoughtful]?

Isn’t it wonderful [that she quickly cleans the house before I get home from work]?

Isn’t it wonderful [I’m so physically attracted to her]?

Isn’t it wonderful [that she snuggles next to me in bed in her cute pink striped pajamas]?

Build your experience and make it clear and personal to you. The clearer you are on the visual imagery and feelings, the better.

You can say it out loud or think the phrases. You can do this exercise in the morning or throughout your day, but most importantly, feel the feelings and live in the state of the wish fulfilled. 

Full Guide: How to Use Neville Goddard’s Isn’t It Wonderful Technique to Manifest

7. The I Remember When Technique


The seventh Neville Goddard technique is The I Remember When Technique. This technique aims to help you think from the end state of already having your desire accomplished.

A natural human tendency is to look back on the past and reminisce. We remember a time when we didn’t have our desires and take pride and joy in our accomplishments. We give ourselves a little pat on the back, especially if things felt bleak, or it was a different time then, or we had to overcome challenges and obstacles.

Similar to an archetypical old man who reminisces about the good old days, he might say, “I remember when gas was 31 cents.” 

So, for this technique, start each thought with I Remember When [fill in the blank.] What would you be thinking if your wish is done and fulfilled? 

Imagine your wish fulfilled in the present moment, and channel all your thoughts and feelings toward the past.

You could reminisce about simpler times and the hurdles you had to overcome to have what you have today or indulge in the satisfaction of how far you’ve come. The clearer and more detailed your visualization, the better. 

Full Guide: How to Use Neville Goddard’s ‘I Remember When’ Technique to Manifest

8. The Telephone Technique


The eighth Neville Goddard technique is The Telephone Technique. Neville instructed that when you’re on the phone with a friend complaining or dwelling negatively about their life, you should not let their energy affect your energy.

Judging them, half-listening, or passive listening can lead to conflict and disharmony. Instead, he said to love them and, in your imagination, hear them say something more loving and uplifting. Hear them speak well about their life.

He said that way, you would also invite them into a more loving state. When you get off the phone or leave the rendezvous with them, go back into the state of the wish fulfilled. 

So basically, love them and accept them for who they are, but don’t let their energy in and maintain your vibration. LOL, Neville has got it all figured out!

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9. The Thank You Technique 


The ninth Neville Goddard Technique is The Thank You Technique, sometimes referred to as The Lullaby Technique. According to every spiritual teacher, gratitude is one of the most positive states from which to manifest and live. Naturally, we would be thankful and appreciative if our desires were fulfilled. 

This technique is similar to the Isn’t It Wonderful Technique. Neville instructs us to begin by entering a State Akin to Sleep (SATS). Next, get into the state of the wish fulfilled, and then start saying your affirmations like a lullaby. If you had your desire already, what would you be thankful for?

Thank you for [insert your desire].

Thank you for [build on the details of having your desire].

Thank you for [describe something else you are thankful for about having your wish].

Feel that you have your desire now, and indulge in gratitude while you doze off. Of course, you can use this technique at any time of the day, but the best time to impress the subconscious is when you’re in a drowsy, meditative state.

Full Guide: How to Use Neville Goddard’s Thank You Technique to Manifest

10. The First Principle 


The tenth Neville Goddard technique is The First Principle. Fall back on this principle when you are in doubt, confused, or searching for life answers on your path.

“Be still and Know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10) ~ Neville Goddard

Neville instructed that no matter what happens, one should turn inwards, be still, and know that one’s awareness is God. Go into meditation, tune out the external noise, and find I AM. I like to repeat I AM while meditating on my third eye or heart space.

Let the noise and chaos evaporate, and focus on I AM. I AM is your god state and foundation from which all creation manifests. From this place of calm and peace, you can begin to receive inspiration or find alignment with your desires.

11. The Catch the Mood Technique


The eleventh Neville Goddard technique is The Catch the Mood Technique. When Neville was in an unwanted mood, he would put it on himself to dwell on a mood he wanted instead. 

Neville said that whenever you are not in a good mood, deliberately create a mood you want and then dwell on that state until the mood you want is integrated. Or, if you are visualizing for a manifestation, dwell on the end state until you get to the state of really having your desire.

Full Guide: How to Manifest with Neville Goddard Catch the Mood Technique

12. The Change the Past Technique


The twelfth Neville Goddard technique is The Change the Past Technique, also popularly called The Revision Technique. This is one of Neville’s most powerful techniques, especially if you had a less-than-ideal beginning and experienced disappointments and discouraging moments.

The revision technique is similar to self-reparenting, a therapeutic healing method. In psychotherapy sessions, when you encounter a painful past memory, therapists have you become a loving parent and talk to your inner child. This helps you rewrite your story and give love to yourself in the way you need and want, ultimately healing that wound.

For the Revision Technique, if you have memories that didn’t go your way, Neville said to go back to the memory and revise the entire memory. See the memory play out as you would have wished it to. Visualize it and imagine the memory playing out in your favor. Then, internalize the good feelings and let go of the memory. 

Full Guide: How to Use Neville Goddard’s Revision Technique to Manifest

13. Make Elsewhere HERE and The Future NOW Technique

woman-on-beach-using-binoculars-looking-out-into-the distance

The thirteenth Neville Goddard technique is a mouthful. The Make Elsewhere Here and The Future Now Technique is also sometimes shortened to The Here and Now Technique. 

This technique solves the problem that most manifestors run into: the internal time delay we have when we visualize the state of the wish fulfilled. The foundation of manifesting is the present moment, and Neville’s techniques should always help you live in the end state of your desire. 

For instance, you can believe or hope that your desire will come, and both are valid and positive internal states to be in. However, that will keep your desire at a distance. You must be in the state of the wish fulfilled now.

Of course, if it is your first day using manifesting techniques, things take time, but Neville’s techniques aim to help you embody the state of the wish fulfilled now. You have to cancel out the time delay. This internal time delay projects to the Universe that you are in a state of waiting. You are not waiting. Your desire is here and now.

14. The I Become You Technique


The fourteenth Neville Goddard technique is The I Become You Technique. For this technique, you imagine that you have become someone else experiencing you with your wish fulfilled. This technique can be used for any manifestation but is quite helpful for solving interpersonal challenges. 

For instance, let’s say you are currently experiencing favoritism from your boss. Generally, most of us would get triggered and frustrated and start dwelling on feelings of injustice. Neville said to leave the world alone but instead change yourself.

Imagine becoming your boss. You are your boss interacting with you and see them giving you the desired treatment. Hear them say nice things to you and see them giving you pointers. Visualize them helping you grow in your position and supporting your career. Make your scene vivid and, as always, make it feel real. 

15. The Lost and Found Technique


The fifteenth Neville Goddard is The Lost and Found Technique. If you have lost something, Neville suggests proving that your object is not lost. In your imagination, prove to yourself that the object is currently with you.

Go into your imagination, activate your senses, and visualize yourself feeling and touching your object. Assume that your object will return. Let it go and see your belongings return to you.

This technique works; all techniques are about knowing, believing, and trusting that all things work out for you.

16. The How Did I Technique


The sixteenth Neville Goddard technique is The How Did I Technique. This technique is similar to the I Remember When and Isn’t It Wonderful Technique. The idea is to create feelings of elation, amazement, or exhilaration that you have received your desire. 

How did I get here?! How did this wonderful thing enter my life?!

Start by claiming your desire and think from the end state of your desire. You can say your affirmations aloud or imagine in your mind’s eye, but remember to feel the feelings of the wish fulfilled.

For instance, let’s say you desire to attract your dream partner.

How did I [insert desire]?

How did I [manage to land such a wonderful man]?!

How did I [attract such a wonderful person? She’s literally my dream girl?! I feel so lucky]! 

Of course, make yours more specific and personal than my example. Night after night, keep building on your experience until you feel you have what you desire now. 

17. The Mental Diet 


The seventeenth technique is The Mental Diet. This technique is like our modern-day positive thinking, mindfulness, mindset work, or a combination of the three. 

Our mind is constantly chattering and can do its own thing if we don’t manage or free it from negative self-talk. As you can see from the above list, we are constantly fantasizing and having mental conversations with ourselves and different people in our minds.

With this technique, start by becoming aware of your inner conversations. Develop a meditation practice or try journaling morning pages if meditation feels daunting. 

Closing Thoughts on Neville Goddard’s Manifestation Techniques

As you may have noticed, Neville Goddard was the man and is beloved for a good reason. He had the human mind figured out! Now that you have his list of brilliant Law of Assumption manifesting techniques, pick one and try it out tonight. I hope this list serves you well and brings your manifestation one step closer to you.

I wish you many blessings and so much love and joy. Happy manifesting!

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