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76 Love Affirmations to Attract Romance and Your Dream Relationship

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Love makes us do crazy things, doesn’t it? I bet you never thought in a million years you’d Google love affirmations on how to manifest true love.

Haha, well, me neither, let alone write about it. But here we are…

Hey, we have to laugh at ourselves sometimes. 

Life puts us in mysterious situations to test our patience and perseverance. And that’s okay. It’s totally possible to use love affirmations to manifest romance and the relationship of your dreams, and affirmations work if you use them properly

So c’mon, let me show you how affirmations to manifest true love work and lets get some love pumping in them veins, shall we?

At the end, 76 love affirmations examples will be waiting for you. 

What are Positive Love Affirmations? 



You’ve probably heard of the quote,

“Your thoughts create your reality.” 

And it’s true. 

Simply put, affirmations are positive phrases you repeat aloud to overcome negative thinking and reprogram a new belief system. 

You can use affirmations in any area of life: career, wealth and prosperity, improving confidence, physical health, friendships, and self-love. The list goes on. 

Of course, we’ll focus on love and romantic relationships in this article. 

Love affirmations work whether you’re single, dating, in a committed relationship, or even married. Let me explain.

Let’s say you’re in a relationship or married, and your bond could use some improvement. You can set an intention to create more intimacy with my wife, build more trust with my boyfriend, make someone miss you, create more love and passion with my soulmate, or find love and keep love.

Pretty cool, huh! Okay, let’s continue. 

How Do Love Affirmations Work?


Most of us struggle with negative thoughts, some more than others, but no one is immune to negative thinking; it does, however, take conscious awareness and direct effort to transform a lack mindset into an abundant mindset. 

But don’t worry, you’re on the right track. 

Having a scarcity mindset stems from core wounds (negative belief systems) such as “I am unworthy” or “I am unlovable.” And so, you hold on to a lower core vibrational frequency (emotions) that is generally unconscious. 

The unconscious core wound can manifest as you being overly self-critical, ruminating, doubting yourself, having low self-esteem, or being hard on yourself. This then leads to self-sabotaging behaviors. 

For instance, we may consciously want to go out and meet new people and envision a thriving dating life for ourselves, which sounds pretty simple.

But subconsciously, we might believe that we’re not good enough or interesting enough to engage in fun conversations with new people. Or we have an irrational fear that people will find us weird, unlikable, or even unlovable. So then you procrastinate on starting an online dating profile. 

Fortunately, you can change scarcity thinking with the help of love affirmations. With consistent effort, love affirmations align you with your new abundant belief. The process will be more powerful if used with healing (inner child healing) and releasing old wounds. 

If you want to understand deeper where your beliefs originate from, try psychotherapy. In particular, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) focuses on negative thinking patterns and addresses core psychological concerns. 

Self-love and The Role it Plays in Attracting the Partner of Your Dreams


African-American-girl-hugging-herself-self-love-with the sky

Whether you are starting on the dating journey, have been in a cycle of many unfulfilling relationships, or are recently divorced, self-love plays an essential role in an emotionally fulfilling quality of life. 

We all strive for peace, happiness, and harmony, whether we consciously think about or actively pursue it.

Spiritual Tip: According to Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Buddhist Zen Master, the 4 elements of true love are kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity (acceptance of everything).

The Ladies Coach breaks down the ten branches of self-love. Use the list below to heal, let go of old programming, and operate from a place of self-love and wholeness. 

  1. Self-awareness / self-honesty
  2. Self-acceptance
  3. Self-care
  4. Self-compassion / self-forgiveness
  5. Self-trust
  6. Self-esteem
  7. Self-respect / self-honor
  8. Self-pleasure
  9. Self-expression
  10. Self-empowerment

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Understanding the Subconscious and Conscious Mind 



To understand how affirmations work, we first must understand how the mind (conscious and subconscious) works. 

Neville Goddard, creator of The Law of Assumption and father of modern Law of Attraction techniques, describes the subconscious mind as feminine energy (not gender). It is receptive, reflective, and absorbing and turns on when you sleep at night when the moon comes out. 

The conscious mind is masculine energy (not gender). It is the thinking, intellectual, active part, and waking up when the sun is out to help you with your daily activities. 

When you sleep, the conscious and subconscious mind meet, come together, marry, and form a union. 

The subconscious mind is connected to your emotional body, where your past memories are held. Another way of describing the subconscious is it is your software where your programming and beliefs are stored. 

Your subconscious beliefs produce a feeling in your body; thus, your mind creates a thought form to match the vibrational frequency. 

So, for affirmations to be truly effective, your whole physical being needs to be involved. 

This brings me to…

Embodiment: Using Your Whole Mind, Body, and Soul to Manifest



So, many people make the mistake of only focusing on thoughts alone and not programming the emotional body when using affirmations. 

Law of Attraction experts, NLP practitioners, and CBT practitioners long knew that you must focus on the emotional body and subconscious mind to change your reality. 

According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, neuroscientist and author of Becoming Supernatural, the heart is more powerful than the mind. The Heart Math Institute describes the heart’s electromagnetic field as 100x more potent than the brain’s, radiating about 3 feet away from our physical bodies. 

Proving that we need to focus on changing our emotional state along with our thoughts. In short, we need to train ourselves to think, feel, and act as if. 

Different Ways to Use Love Affirmations



  1. Repeat affirmations out loud 3x a day.
  2. Repeat affirmations out loud while driving.
  3. Record affirmations on your phone and listen to them in the morning and before bed.
  4. Record affirmations with music and listen to them during exercise. 
  5. Repeat affirmations while showering. 
  6. Repeat affirmations in your mind or aloud while stretching.
  7. Write affirmations on Post-it notes and stick them on the bathroom mirror.
  8. Write love affirmations out in a journal daily.

Love affirmations work. I’ve seen quite a change in my own dating life. However, for love affirmations to work fast, pick the ones that you resonate with most, get into the vibration of love (or any other positive emotion), and create a daily affirmation practice. Using affirmations to manifest love is truly a mind, body, and soul process—a beautiful act toward self-love. 

Alright, that covers some main points. Now, let’s get you the relationship of your dreams. 

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76 Love Affirmations to Manifest True Love

  1. I am abundant and full of joy.
  2. I am a compassionate lover.
  3. I am adored.
  4. I am a great catch.
  5. I am a patient, kind, and understanding lover.
  6. I am a priority.
  7. I am attractive and worthy of love.
  8. I am chosen.
  9. I am easy to love.
  10. I am lovable, sweet, and funny. 
  11. I am worthy of true, long-lasting love.
  12. I am whole and complete.
  13. I am valuable just the way I am. 
  14. I am the total package.
  15. I am sexy and magnetic.
  16. I am attractive, desirable, and worth it.
  17. I am strong, kind, and beautiful.
  18. I value, love, and respect myself.
  19. An abundance of love radiates through me.
  20. I deserve true love.
  21. I am generous with my love, and my partner is generous to me.
  22. I am loving and kind towards my partner; therefore, they are caring and considerate towards me.
  23. I am true to myself. 
  24. I am glowing and overflowing with love.
  25. I am grateful every day for my loving partner.
  26. I am grateful for the bond my partner and I have created.
  27. I add value to my partner’s life, and they add value to mine.
  28. I am open and ready for true love to enter my life.
  29. I am open and welcome love in my life.
  30. I am so happy and in love with my soulmate!
  31. I am in love and on top of the world.
  32. Being in love is sooooo amazing!
  33. My partner and I have so much fun together; we are a great team.
  34. My partner and I have an unbreakable bond; we help each other grow and become better people.
  35. I feel safe with my partner, and my partner feels safe with me.
  36. It feels sooooo amazing in the presence of my soulmate.
  37. I feel so close and connected to my partner.
  38. I feel so lucky to have my soulmate in my life!
  39. I feel so special.
  40. I feel wanted and valued. 
  41. Love is not pain.
  42. I have a wonderful, deep, and passionate sex life with my partner.
  43. Love is here in me now and surrounds my life.
  44. Connecting with people is natural to me.
  45. My cup is full and overpouring with love.
  46. My heart is open to receiving love.
  47. I trust in the Universe, and I relax and flow with the process of my life. 
  48. I am grateful for my friends and family, who love me through life’s ups and downs. 
  49. The love I seek also seeks me.
  50. I love my life with my partner!
  51. I love myself deeply and unconditionally.
  52. I only attract emotionally available people in my life.
  53. Deep, unconditional love is all around me.
  54. I only attract healthy, loving, and supportive relationships.
  55. I forgive myself for my past mistakes.
  56. I let go of my past relationships, and my heart is fresh, free, and open to love. 
  57. Intimacy is natural to me; our bond gets closer and deeper every day.
  58. My partner and I are vulnerable to one another without judgment.
  59. My relationships are authentic and connecting feels so easy to me. 
  60. I accept myself unconditionally and am at peace with who I am—the good and the flaws. 
  61. My partner thinks my flaws are cute, and we’ve learned to laugh at ourselves.
  62. My partner and I find humor in our fights, accept one another, and help each other expand into the even more beautiful people that we already are.
  63. My soulmate is here in me right now. 
  64. I found my best friend, lover, and greatest teacher. 
  65. Our sacred relationship radiates trust, empathy, honesty, warmth, and deep understanding for one another.
  66. I radiate high vibrational, thoughtful love.
  67. I am a loving, supportive, and deeply caring partner.
  68. We love spending quality time with each other and always follow through on our commitments. 
  69.  The difficult moments in our relationship make us closer, and our love grows stronger for one another.
  70.  The Universe is conspiring to bring me deep, meaningful love.
  71. The Universe is here to guide and help me on my journey to love. 
  72. The Universe wants me to have the most beautiful, fulfilling, and long-lasting love. 
  73. I value intimacy and vulnerability in our relationship and take care of its sacredness. 
  74. I nourish healthy, compassionate, and respectful love.
  75. I honor my truth in all of my relationships.
  76. I let go of power struggles and find a closer bond in my relationships while honoring and valuing myself. 

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