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21 Common Limiting Beliefs That Block Manifestation

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Are you curious about the top limiting beliefs that affect manifestors and want to see if you have any of them?

Limiting beliefs are beliefs that limit or keep you small in any way.

Our minds can imprison and trap us, leading us to create agony and misery instead of the life we want. 

When we experience a limiting belief, it can feel very real, and it is, but it’s not!

This means they are temporary states that can be changed—and changed for good! This is your manifesting power.

“It’s all real and it’s all illusory: that’s Awareness!” ~ Ram Dass

In this article, we’ll explore 21 common limiting beliefs that block manifestation

Also, I’ve experienced all these limiting beliefs, so don’t feel bad if you have one or even the whole list. 

Every one of these can be dissolved, transmuted, and kicked to the curb. Be gentle and kind with yourself as you go through the list.


1. I’m Unlovable

The first limiting belief on the list is “I’m unlovable.” 

“I’m unloveable” is the primary limiting belief that blocks manifestors from experiencing a fulfilling love life. 

It is usually picked up in childhood or by exiting a terrible relationship. 

It can leave a person feeling depleted and worthless and like a bad person on a fundamental level. 

“I’m unloveable” not only affects your love life but can spread like wildfire to other areas of your life because, essentially, it is you. 

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2. I’m Unworthy


The second limiting belief that manifestors struggle with is “I’m unworthy.” 

Worthiness is how we measure and value ourselves. Some spiritual teachers consider self-worth a part of self-love, but some separate the two. 

Worthiness is similar to self-love, and both have some overlap, but there are some key differences. 

For example, we can love ourselves by showing compassion and forgiveness to ourselves when we make a mistake. However, we may believe we are unworthy of our dream job or love. 

Unworthiness occurs when we feel small and inadequate relative to the thing we are measuring ourselves against.

Lacking self-worth generally manifests as inaction—what we don’t do for ourselves.

Like not raising our hands to participate in a discussion because we believe our voice has no value.

Or how could we even dare apply for that dream job we really want? So then we don’t act. 

Additionally, if you have self-love and realize that you struggle with self-worth, you can show compassion and acceptance to the part of yourself that feels unworthy and make any needed changes. 

However, if you also lack self-love, you may bully, reject, and criticize the unworthy part of yourself.  

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3. I’m Not Good Enough

The third limiting belief is “I’m not good enough.” 

“I’m not good enough” is a part of the self-worth family; consider it I’m Unworthy’s first child. 

“I’m not good enough” correlates with perfection and expectation. 

We feel small and inadequate relative to our perceived understanding of “good.” We feel like we can never measure up to this elusive internal standard that we place on ourselves.

We may even set up our lives in a certain way to reinforce and play out the deep unconscious story of “I’m not good enough.” 

For example, Jenny unknowingly undermines herself by setting the bar high and making unrealistic demands on her goals. She overschedules her daily tasks because she feels there’s not enough time. The clock is ticking. 

Every evening, she doesn’t accomplish the majority of her tasks and feels like a failure for falling short. She ruminates, criticizes herself, and feels terrible for not living up to her expectations, thus cycling in and out of depression and feeling like she is never good enough.

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4. I Don’t Deserve


The fourth limiting belief is “I don’t deserve.” 

“I don’t deserve” is also in the self-worth family, Mrs. Self-Worth’s second child. 

“I don’t deserve” is when we feel undeserving of something. We separate ourselves from the particular thing we truly want and desire.

It’s our mind putting something on a pedestal, similar to idolizing a celebrity. 

We perceive the thing we want as so far away from us—it’s up in the sky somewhere, yonder in the distance. 

And it also carries an element of condemnation.

For example, I don’t deserve “something” until “XYZ” happens. I don’t deserve love until I earn a certain amount of money or lose a specific amount of weight. 

I don’t deserve my partner. They are such a good person, and I’m a bad person. They are too good for me. 

Or I don’t deserve love right now because I made a mistake in the past that I haven’t forgiven myself for. 

Or I don’t deserve to say something, take care of myself, and set a boundary because I’m not supposed to get upset with other people. So, I ignore myself, remain passive, and get angry and frustrated at night.

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5. I’m Not Ready

The fifth limiting belief on the list is “I’m not ready.” 

“I’m not ready” can mean different things, so we need to explore what we really mean when we say it. Sometimes, we aren’t ready for certain things because of timing or busy schedules. 

However, in some situations, “I’m not ready” masks deeper fears worth examining—the scary thing on the other side of taking action. 

“I’m not ready” is similar to standing at the edge of a pool, afraid to jump in because the deep dark blue water is too scary. I might drown, or sharks will appear and eat me alive. 

So, let me procrastinate, avoid it, and sweep it under the rug. And the more we ignore it, the louder the internal struggle becomes. 

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6. Living In the Past


The sixth limiting belief that manifestors struggle with is living in the past. 

The Law of Attraction states, “Like attracts like.” You attract what you are and not what you want. 

Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of Becoming Supernatural, says that most people’s emotional bodies live in the past, which creates a conflict between what they want and what they actually are.

To manifest new outcomes, we have to release the old version of ourselves so we don’t manifest the same old story. 

We want to resolve and heal past wounds, clear limiting beliefs, and raise our vibration so that our frequency is free and in the present. 

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7. I’m Too Old or Young

The seventh limiting belief that manifestors struggle with is “I’m too old, or I’m too young.”

I’m sure you’ve gathered by now that our ego mind is amazing at quantifying and measuring things. Consider this one, Mrs. Self-Worth’s grandchild. 

Society doesn’t set us up to believe in ourselves, that’s for sure. Let’s blame it on the media and magazine culture for fun. 

The truth is, though, there are a multitude of different life experiences. People have late and early rises and find true love at various points in their lives, as well as having their own divine timing. 

8. Comparing Yourself With Others


The eighth limiting belief that manifestors struggle with is comparing themselves with others or to a version of themselves they believe they should be by now. 

As I mentioned, the ego mind likes to compare. Measuring is a necessary function of the ego, and we need to compare and contrast things on this earthly plane. 

How can I tell if I am better suited for engineering or tarot reading? So, embracing the ego is essential; it is super valuable. 

However, this type of comparison is more of, “They are better than me; I am less than them.” “I am better than them; they are less than me.” “They have, so that automatically means I don’t have.” “There can only be one winner.” “I’m never good enough.”

If your parents used comparison as a motivation tactic, you likely have painful wounds around getting compared to others, and deeper healing may be beneficial. 

However, you can resolve the tendency to compare yourself by delving deeper into your individual path. 

Quick Remedy: Knowing thyself is the antidote here. When you deeply know, accept, and understand yourself, comparison syndrome will naturally transcend itself. Guaranteed. 

9. Lack Mindset

The ninth limiting belief is having a lack mindset. 

The Law of Correspondence states, “Patterns occur throughout the Universe, and external reality mirrors your internal experience.”

Additionally, the Law of Assumption states, “What you assume is true creates your reality.”

Scarcity thinking and pessimism signal to the Universe that you are in a state of lack. 

If you believe there is never enough to go around, not enough time, and that you need to struggle and fight for resources, the Universe mirrors this back to you. 

Believe in an abundant Universe with unlimited opportunities, limitless possibilities, and more than enough resources for everyone. 

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10. Envy


The tenth limiting belief that blocks manifestors from manifesting their desires is envy.

Envy is a painful and gnarly emotion to experience. The underlying subconscious script of envy is “I can’t have, and I don’t have.” 

You may have heard NO too often as a child, and your subconscious mind still looks for reasons and ways to continue to tell yourself NO. 

Healing envy can take time, depending on the intensity, but it is simple to resolve. 

To keep it short here, though, start by internally allowing yourself to have what you want by switching your subconscious script from “I can’t have, and I don’t have,” to “I have, and I can have.”

This one requires you to dig deeper, but it will be fulfilling and rewarding once you learn to transmute this tough, icky, and excruciating feeling into inspiration and admiration. 

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11. I Don’t Have Enough Experience


The eleventh limiting belief is “I don’t have enough experience.” 

Guess who’s back—Mrs. Self-Worth and her grandkid again. 

Usually, people making a career change or starting something new encounter this limiting belief. 

We feel behind or think we are not enough because being a beginner is scary; we feel lost and unsure.

It’s perfectly natural to feel this way. However, this can also keep you feeling stuck and stagnant. 

Quick Remedy: Switch your mindset from lack to abundance, and find reasons a new person with fresh eyes can bring to the table. 

12. Not Letting Yourself Receive

The twelfth limiting belief is not letting yourself receive. 

Many manifestors, especially women, struggle with not letting themselves receive. 

And you guessed it: a product of Mrs. Self-worth.

This one was eye-opening for me. Your vibration and cells are blocked, quite literally. 

Whether you were taught to be meek, to hold back, heard NO too often, can’t believe good things can happen to you, or even if a compliment feels awkward, take notice. 

Quick Remedy: Open up and allow yourself to receive.

13. I’m Not Good With Money


The thirteenth limiting belief is “I’m not good with money.”

This limiting belief can keep you cycling in and out of money problems. Mrs. Self-Worth is the repeat offender here. 

If you’ve changed your financial habits and continue to cycle in and out of financial issues, it’s time to examine your situation more deeply. 

If you believe you are not good with money, you will continue to loop the painful money cycle, no matter your income. 

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14. I’m Unlucky

The fourteenth limiting belief is “I’m unlucky.” 

“I’m unlucky” correlates with lack and abundance. 

If you believe you are unlucky, the Universe reflects this back to you to reinforce your belief. 

When you struggle and undergo a string of hard moments, it can easily make you feel unlucky.

However, try switching to an abundant mindset so that even if an unfortunate situation happens, you can mine for the lesson to grow from it. 

15. Not Believing in Yourself


The fifteenth limiting belief is not believing in yourself. 

Not believing in yourself is a common limiting belief people encounter when manifesting. So don’t worry. 

Manifesting practices are here to help you believe in yourself and release fear, doubt, and resistance. 

Begin by believing that you are or will be a powerful manifestor.

Affirm: I am the all-powerful creator of my life. 

The Universe will reflect your assumption back to you. 

16. Not Taking Accountability

The sixteenth limiting belief is not taking accountability. 

People confuse accountability with blame, but taking accountability is not blaming yourself.

Taking accountability is a shift, a breakthrough, and a significant turning point when undergoing a personal transformation.

It’s a light bulb moment when we realize that we are at the center of our lives. When we were less aware, we unintentionally created things we did not want.

Taking accountability allows you to become the operant power of your life, knowing that you can change and become the cause rather than the effect. You move from victim consciousness to empowerment

You begin taking care of yourself and prioritizing your well-being. You take care of your emotions, beliefs, thoughts, vibrations, actions, and outcomes.

17. Blaming Yourself or Others


The seventeenth limiting belief is blaming yourself or others. 

Blaming is a natural human tendency. We all blame. 

Blaming feels good at the moment, but it keeps you stuck. If you tend to blame yourself for everything, you have to stop! 

Healing and understanding your situation is one phase.

However, in the context of manifesting, when you begin to consciously create your life, you want to move beyond any past hurts and resentments to create better outcomes. 

You must free your vibration to magnetize in what is like your vibration. If you hold on to the past, you will attract the past. 

18. Procrastination

The eighteenth manifestation block is procrastination. 

Psychologists, spiritual teachers, and personal development coaches have all weighed in on the topic of procrastination. 

A lot of manifestors struggle with procrastination. And sometimes, it’s not as simple as because you’re lazy, lacking discipline, or that you need to build better habits

Everyone is different, so it’s difficult to generically pinpoint why we delay what we know is good for us. 

However, it might be beneficial for you to review the rest of the list and see if it is something deeper, like self-worth or self-belief. 

19. Being Hard On Yourself

The nineteenth block to manifestation is being hard on yourself. 

I’ve learned this the hard way. Bullying, criticism, harsh judgment, and emotional abuse all lower your vibration. 

Being hard on yourself creates a wall and blocks the opportunity to understand yourself deeply. It never solves the problem and weighs you down.  

It’s like running with an extra-weighted backpack. It can get you to run 3 but not 26 miles effortlessly. 

Instead, go deeper to understand yourself so you can pinpoint the root of the problem and search for solutions instead of spending time abusing yourself. 

Quick Remedy: 99 Self-Love Affirmations for Healing and Confidence

20. I’m a Mess


The twentieth block to manifestation is “I’m a mess.” 

“I’m a mess” might suggest that you feel overwhelmed, scattered, and possibly lacking confidence in your ability to manage your life. 

“I’m a mess” can be a comfortable way of viewing yourself, a role that you put on yourself and live out, as well as another way to put yourself down. I’m the person who never has their *ish* together. 

It’s similar to playing the role of the nerd, the smart one, the teacher’s pet, the popular cheerleader, or the jock in high school. 

The truth is no one has their shi*t together.

If everybody were being honest, they’d say they were also trying to figure out their lives each step of the way. Retirees are probably figuring out how to be newly retired. 

Quick Remedy: What is Self-Concept When Manifesting? (The Law of Assumption)

21. Not Forgiving Yourself or Others

The last limiting belief is not forgiving yourself or others. 

Holding on to grudges and condemning yourself or others can build momentum over the years and cause mental and emotional distress.

It weighs down your vibration and keeps your vibration locked in the past, and the unresolved wound will manifest itself repeatedly. 

Neville Goddard says the best state to manifest from is Christ Consciousness, a continuous state of forgiveness. 

In the context of manifesting, we want to free our vibration so that new fresh opportunities magnetize in. Forgiveness equals freedom. 

Try your best to start each day fresh, especially if you are serious about manifesting. 

Forgive your past mistakes, and release others who don’t deserve time in your energy field. Learn from the past, and let yourself experience the version of yourself you deeply desire to experience. 

Quick Remedy: Neville Goddard’s Revision Technique to Transform Your Life

Closing Thoughts on Limiting Beliefs that Block Manifestation

And voila. As you can see, Mrs. Self-Worth dominated half of the list. Man, she is strong, super fertile, and loves to procreate! Watch out for her, she will infiltrate your system. 

I hope you enjoyed this article and it assists you in uncovering your limiting beliefs, bringing your manifestation one step closer to you.

May you live well, and I wish you many blessings, so much love, and joy! 

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