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28 Empowering Jack Canfield Quotes on Life and Success

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Looking for Jack Canfield quotes to inspire your day? You’re in the right place!

Jack Canfield is your guy if you want to align with a successful mindset or want to uplevel your life.

First, who is Jack Canfield?

Jack Canfield is an American storyteller, motivational speaker, and corporate trainer teacher.

He is best known for coauthoring the beloved Chicken Soup for the Soul series with Mark Victor Hanson. 

They were the first ever to sell a million books in one day. They credit the success of this goal to using Law of Attraction techniques and the power of imagination.

From there, the duo built a billion-dollar publishing empire; now, the Chicken Soup for the Soul series consists of 250 titles and 500 million copies in print.

Jack Canfield is full of wisdom and life advice on navigating life, career, and success. 

If you are looking for a heavyweight in the personal development field and a master in human transformation, he is your guy.

Popular Book by Jack: The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be


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What are Daily Inspirational Quotes?

Daily inspirational quotes are a powerful way to connect with the deepest parts of ourselves and find a different perspective on life from a mentor-like figure. 

It can help us connect to our faith and remind us of what is really important when manifesting our lives

Below are 28 motivating Jack Canfield quotes to support your life and career.

28 Powerful Jack Canfield Quotes

“There’s a four-letter word you must use when you get rejected… next.” ~Jack Canfield


“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” ~Jack Canfield


“The world doesn’t pay you for what you know; it pays you for what you do.” ~Jack Canfield


“Spend time with the people you want to become like. If you want to be more successful, you have to start hanging out with more successful people.” ~Jack Canfield


“The mind is such a powerful instrument, it can deliver to you literally everything you want. But you have to believe that what you want is possible.” ~Jack Canfield


“Persistence is probably the single most common quality of high achievers. They simply refuse to give up.” ~Jack Canfield


“Self-acknowledgment and appreciation are what give you the insights and awareness to move forward toward higher goals and accomplishments.” ~Jack Canfield


“When you’ve figured out what you want to ask for, do it with certainty, boldness, and confidence.” ~Jack Canfield


“Sincerity means dropping the image facade and showing a willingness to be vulnerable.” ~Jack Canfield


“One of life’s fundamental truths states, ask and you shall receive.” ~Jack Canfield


“Remember, you and you alone are responsible for maintaining your energy.” ~Jack Canfield


“Greater self-esteem produces greater success, and greater success produces more high self-esteem, so it keeps on spiraling up.” ~Jack Canfield

“The longer you hang in there, the greater the chance that something will happen in your favor.” ~Jack Canfield


“Overcome your barriers, intend the best, and be patient. You will enjoy more balance, more growth, more income, and more fun!” ~Jack Canfield


“For every reason, it’s not possible, there are hundreds of people who have faced the same circumstances and succeeded.” ~Jack Canfield


“Self-esteem is made up primarily of two things – feeling lovable and feeling capable.” ~Jack Canfield


“Every time you take a risk or move out of your comfort zone, you have a great opportunity to learn more about yourself and your capacity.” ~Jack Canfield


“There are essentially two things that will make you wise – the books you read and the people you meet.” ~Jack Canfield


“You only have control over three things in your life. The thoughts you think, the images you visualize, and the actions you take.” ~Jack Canfield


“Everything valuable takes time; there are no overnight successes.” ~Jack Canfield


“Decide what you want. Believe you can have it. Believe that you deserve it, and believe it’s possible for you.” ~Jack Canfield


“Decide upon your major definite purpose in life and then organize all your activities around it.” ~Jack Canfield


“Whatever goal you give to your subconscious mind, it will work night and day to achieve.” ~Jack Canfield


“Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.” ~Jack Canfield


“I believe people should live full lives and not settle for anything less.” ~Jack Canfield


“To achieve major success in life, you must accept 100% responsibility for your life and results. Nothing less will do.” ~Jack Canfield


“You either create or allow everything that happens to you.” ~Jack Canfield


“Believing in yourself is a choice. It’s an attitude you develop over time.” ~Jack Canfield

Closing Thoughts on Jack Canfield Quotes

I hope these powerful Jack Canfield quotes help your life and career.

I wish you many blessings, so much love, and joy!

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Happy manifesting! 

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