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How to Use Scripting to Manifest: Step-by-Step Guide

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Are you new to manifesting? Scripting is a wonderful place to begin your journey. It’s easy to learn. All you need is quiet time, a writing tool, and your manifestation journal—and get ready to channel some good vibes

In this article, I’ll show you how to use scripting to manifest your heart’s desires, from new love to a brand-new car, better health, confidence, and more! 


First, What is Scripting for Manifestation?

Scripting is a self-transformational practice where you write down your desires as your future self. It is an intentional writing process that allows you to tap into your six senses, imagine the version of you who already has your desire, and then bring that version of you into the present moment. 

You use your external manifestation as a guide to inform you of what you need to become internally. You can consider it a visualization writing technique or a way to reprogram your subconscious mind, or sometimes, people refer to it as hypnotic writing, a way to hypnotize yourself. 

Does Scripting for Manifestation Work and How? 

Yes, scripting for manifestation works, but with one caveat. You must embody the feelings of your manifestation. So, if you write mechanically, scripting will not work. You must feel the feelings of the version of you who already has your desire.

Scripting draws upon understanding the Law of Attraction, which states, “Like attracts like.” You magnetize what is like you into your orbit—situations, people, objects, and circumstances. 

If we take it one step further, the Law of Assumption states, “Assumptions harden into fact.” What you assume is true creates your reality.

Often, people don’t have what they desire because their energetic vibration is mismatched. We want love, but we feel empty inside. We want wealth, but we’re in a state of poverty. Or we want a thriving career but are not confident in our abilities

You must become a vibrational match to your manifestation to attract what you want. Law of Assumption advocates would call this living in the state of the wish fulfilled. 

Either way, scripting is a tool that allows you to step into a new version of yourself by consistently embodying the end state of your desire. And by the Law of Assumption and the Law of Attraction, your manifestation must magnetize.

How to Use Scripting to Manifest: 5 Steps


Step 1: Claim Your Desire

The first step is to claim your desire. Get clear and specific on what you want to manifest and decide that it is yours. This step is crucial and an area where some people trip up when manifesting. 

Clarity and choosing one goal at a time will determine how to align your vibration to become an energetic match to your external desire. Once you know your goal, write it in your manifestation journal as if it has already happened.  

Step 2: Imagine Your Wish Is Fulfilled

The second step is to imagine that your wish is already fulfilled. Find alone time, bring your senses inward, and imagine what the new version of you who already has your desire would be like.

For example, let’s say you want to manifest a new loving relationship. Go to the very end of being in the relationship you want and visualize this new version of you.

Are you in a relationship with an emotionally expressive person who adores and spends time with you? Or are you in a relationship with someone who never follows through, emotionally distant, and avoids you? 

Are your thoughts stable and trusting? Or do you feel anxious and on edge, anticipating the next disappointment or conflict? 

Of course, no one wants the latter, but you get my drift. Feel into the nuances and emotional state of this new version of you.

5 Helpful Questions to Get Your Imagination Going:

  • How do you feel?
  • What kind of thoughts do you have?
  • What are your beliefs and self-concept?
  • What actions does this new version of you take?
  • How do you talk with friends and family about already having your desire?

Step 3: Write Your Script

The third step is to use the information you imagined in step 2 and write your manifestation script in the present or past tense. You can make your script as short or as long as you like. An excellent place to start with, though, is about three to five sentences. 

Use strong emotional language that engages your senses viscerally. The more personal, specific, and clear your language is, the better. 

There is no right or wrong method for scripting or manifesting as long as the techniques you use help you embody the feelings of the wish fulfilled. 

Example Script for Manifesting a New Loving Relationship:

Thank you so much, Universe! I feel grateful to have met my soulmate, Larry. He is soooo amazing and compliments my life very much. He understands me to my core. We get along very well and make each other laugh all the time. I feel like a teenager in love. The connection feels pure, and we have solid communication. I feel adored, peaceful, and stable. We motivate each other to grow spiritually and help each other with career aspirations. I am whole and complete. 

Step 4: Note Your Feelings 

The fourth step is to note your feelings in your manifestation journal. This step is helpful if you are entirely new to scripting and manifesting. Pinpointing your feelings allows you to call up the end state of your desire when you go to read or rewrite your script daily.

You will most likely experience a myriad of feelings for any particular manifestation. Whatever you feel is right for you as long as it feels real and authentic to you. 

Above Manifesting Love Example:

  • In love and happy 
  • Grateful 
  • Adored
  • Peaceful, whole, and complete
  • Stable
  • Understood and safe to be myself and communicate my feelings
  • Like a teenager, laughing and goofing around
  • Motivating, open, and expansive

Also, be sure to check out my article on how to use Esther Hicks’s Emotional Guidance Scale to familiarize yourself with the different emotions we carry.

Step 5: Write Your Script Daily

The fifth and last step is to write your script daily. You can also choose to read your script daily instead of writing it. Feel free to keep your script fluid and adjust it to your liking. Expand on your script to make your experience richer and richer as you embody the state of the wish fulfilled more every day.

Can I Script it on My Phone or Computer? 


Yes, you can script on your phone or computer. If typing suits you better, please use whatever tools work for you as long as you embody the state of the wish fulfilled when you leave your scripting practice.

However, old-school pen and paper work well because we typically write slower than we type. Writing allows us to slow down and focus on what we’re scripting to invoke feelings of the end state. 

How Often Should You Script to Manifest?

Script your manifestation for 21 days or until your subconscious mind has accepted the state of the wish fulfilled. That means you feel your manifestation is here, or at least close and on its way.

You do not doubt your manifestation and have let go of any need, clinging, or lack. You feel peace, contentment, joy, and happiness about your manifestation.

You can script once daily in the morning, but for best results, do it twice daily, in the morning and evening. It also depends on whether you have different manifestation techniques you are working with. Experiment and see what works best for you.

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7 Powerful Scripting Tips and Tricks 


1. Script in Present or Past Tense

Scripting tip number one is to script your manifestation in the present tense as if it were happening now or in the past tense as though your goal is done and achieved. 

The foundation of manifesting is the present moment. So writing as though you have already achieved it or are in the process of attaining it allows your brain to fire new neurons of the wish fulfilled. 

2. Use Emotional Language

Scripting tip number two is to use emotional language that triggers your senses and imagination in a way that is personal to you. 

For example, “motivate” versus “hungry.” The word “hungry” ignites a visceral response in my body. I literally feel my stomach open up when I use this word. It opens up my appetite and passion for work and inspires me to take action. 

So, play around, experiment, and find words that fuel an emotional response. 

3. Think From the End State of Your Desire

Scripting tip number three is Neville Goddard’s Law of Assumption concept: think from the end state of your desire. 

For example, let’s say you are manifesting $10,000. 

Don’t just write down or visualize about receiving the money. Instead, go to the very end state of your manifestation and think from it. Visualize what you would do with the money and how you would feel using it. 

For instance, you could make a down payment on a car, invest it in stocks, shop, pay your kid’s school tuition, etc. How does this new version feel?

4. Use All 6 Senses

The fourth scripting tip is to use your senses: touch, sight, smell, sound, and taste. Using all your senses will make your visualization rich and alive within you. 

And don’t forget your sixth sense, your intuition. You are golden when you align with your deep inner knowing and fervently believe in your manifestation so much that you become one with it. 

5. Make it Feel Real 

The fifth scripting tip is to make it feel real. Let go of what you think you should feel or any judgment. Go with your flow and intuition as long as it feels authentic. 

Initially, the new version that you want to embody will feel false but continue with the process, and the end state will soon feel real.

6. Infuse Gratitude

The sixth scripting tip is to infuse each script with gratitude. Words like “Thank You,” “I’m grateful,” or “I’m so appreciative” can help cultivate good feelings, get you into the mood, and feel more connected to the Universe. 

You can also include the name of a higher power if you wish. Examples: Universe, God, Source Energy, Higher Power, Divine, Almighty Creator, Lord, etc. Including the name of a higher power helps me focus and connect more. 

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7. Use Your Past as Guidance 

The seventh scripting tip is to use your past as guidance. This tip is beneficial if you need help clarifying your goals or finding a feeling state.

For instance, if you want to manifest a new career but feel stagnant. You’re stuck; it’s been a long time since you’ve felt excited about an industry or job. 

Go into your past and search for a memory of when you were last ecstatic about landing a job or anything else that excited you and provided the same feeling. 

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Closing Thoughts on How to Use Scripting to Manifest

And voila! Now that you know how to use scripting to manifest, try it tonight or, better yet, for the next 21 days.

I hope this article helps you in your manifesting journey and brings your manifestation one step closer to you. May you live well, and I wish you many blessings, so much love, and joy!

Please let me know if you have any questions. Happy manifesting!

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