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How To Start a Manifestation Journal (Fully Explained 2023)

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In this article, I’ll teach you how to start a manifestation journal and how to use it to manifest your desires into reality. 

Let’s make your manifestation journal your new best friend, shall we?!  


What is Manifestation?

Manifestation is the practice of using your imagination to create your reality. It is the art of believing in your manifestation with absolute certainty and clarity, knowing without a doubt that it is done

Everything starts with you. Your vibrational frequency creates your life and attracts objects, situations, people, and places of like energy to itself. 

Manifesting begins with choosing a desire, like confidence or a dream home. Then, you become the version of yourself who already has that desire, now in the present moment, and by the Law of Attraction, which states that “like attracts like,” your desire will magnetize to you.

This is manifesting in a nutshell. 

What is a Manifestation Journal?


A manifestation journal is a notebook where you can visualize your dreams through the power of intention and writing. Writing in a journal allows you to train yourself to embody the feelings of the new version of you who already has your desire in the present moment. 

For instance, if you want to manifest money, let’s say a 6-figure salary. What is the version of you who already has a 6-figure salary? How does this person feel, think, and act? What would he or she be writing right now?

Additionally, I recommend getting a dedicated journal or a simple notebook to keep your manifestations organized in one place. By keeping a journal, you can track results, try new scripting techniques, and remain accountable for your manifesting practices. 

What Do You Write in Your Manifestation Journal? 


1. Goals and Desires

Use your manifestation journal to clarify your goals. If you don’t know what you want to manifest yet, start by doing a simple brain dump of everything you want to manifest. 

(Example: Tesla, $20,000, soulmate, pet dog, job promotion, etc.)

After finishing your brain dump, choose one manifestation you would like to work on. Write it down in the present or past tense as though you have already achieved it.

(Example: I am with my (SP) specific person [insert name], and we are so in love and having so much fun together!)

2. Identify Limiting Beliefs  

Use your manifestation journal to uncover limiting beliefs, fears, and doubts. 

Most people’s limiting beliefs prevent them from achieving their desires. For instance, a traumatic breakup can cause someone to believe, “I am unworthy of love.” Make a list of any major blocks in the way of your manifestation.

3. Written Affirmations

Affirmations are short phrases you repeatedly say aloud in a mirror to overcome limiting beliefs. (Example: I am worthy of love) However, you can also write them in your journal if you prefer writing. The trick with written affirmations is to remember to embody the feelings of your affirmation as you write them in your journal.  

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4. Scripting

Scripting is a manifesting technique in which you write down your desires as though you already have them. There are many ways to script, including the 333 method, 369 method, 555 method, and more. You can also envision your life in paragraph format. 

(Example: I am living with my soulmate in our cute apartment. I love our apartment! It has the best windows. I love looking out the window and waking up to the sunrise every day. I just manifested a job promotion! I am a lead salesperson now earning $120,000.00. I’m getting ready to go buy my Tesla as a reward for my new job promotion!) 

Choose and experiment with the techniques that you resonate with. 

5. Gratitude

Last but not least, gratitude journaling. Gratitude is a vibration that you can cultivate through the power of journaling and intention. When manifesting, we are embodying the end state of our manifestation. This means we would be grateful to have received our wishes. 

When journaling, include gratitude for already having what you want. Remember to call up the feelings of gratitude and the end state of your manifestation while journaling.


How Manifesting Differs from Traditional Goal Setting 

Traditional goal setting has a lot of value, especially if one is working on logic, reasoning, and pinpointing desires. With goal-setting, you clarify objectives, develop a plan, add time constraints, identify obstacles, and map out your next action steps. 

However, manifesting is an entirely different beast. It is less rigid and more allowing because you are co-creating with the Universe. Manifesting is about becoming an energetic match to your external desire and working with the present moment. 

Furthermore, if we are working with the present moment, then time is an illusion. Most manifesting teachers suggest ignoring time because your work is to embody the end state of your desire and align your vibration with what you want in the present moment. 

Of course, you’ll still need to take physical action that corresponds with time. For instance, if you’re working on a business, you’ll still need to pay your bills and turn projects in on time, but you go about life more intuitively. You flow and remain flexible to infinite possibilities. Depending on what you are manifesting, you’ll probably want to use both sides of the brain. But I hope you get the gist.

5 Manifestation Journaling Tips


Manifestation Journaling Tip 1: Feeling is the Secret  

Neville Goddard’s revolutionary philosophy taught us that feeling is the key to manifestation. Everything you need to know about your manifestation rests in your vibration. When manifesting, remember always to embody the feeling of your desire.

Manifestation Journaling Tip 2: Write in the Present or Past Tense 

Always write your goals and script in the present or past tense. This trick trains your subconscious mind to believe you already have your manifestation. 

Manifestation Journaling Tip 3: Focus on What You Want, Not What You Don’t Want

According to Esther Abraham-Hicks, focusing on what you don’t want is where we get most tripped up when manifesting. Especially if we’ve experienced a series of setbacks, our minds can become focused on fear-based thoughts. Turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts. For example, “I don’t want to get hurt again,” change it to “I want a healthy relationship.”

Manifestation Journaling Tip 4: Journal Consistently

The fourth tip is to develop a consistent manifestation journaling ritual. Add it to your routine, like working out or cultivating a spiritual practice. Make sure to set aside quiet alone time so you can focus on embodying the end state of your manifestation as you journal. The more you manifest, the better you become at believing in your manifestation. 

Manifestation Journaling Tip 5: Have a Dedicated Manifestation Journal

The last and final tip is to keep a dedicated manifestation journal. To keep the energy flow of your manifestation journal, avoid mixing it with other types of journaling, like morning pages or self-reflection. You want to keep the energy in your notebook positive and focus on what you want to manifest. 

Examples of Things People Have Manifested Using a Manifestation Journal


The sky’s the limit to what you can manifest using the power of manifestation journals. Here are some examples of things people have manifested with a manifestation journal.

  • A new job
  • A new relationship
  • Your specific person (SP)
  • A raise or promotion 
  • A new home
  • Self-love
  • Confidence
  • A brand-new car 
  • A dream vacation 
  • Improved Health 
  • Money and wealth

Closing Thoughts on How to Start a Manifestation Journal

And Voila! Now you know how to start a manifestation journal, what to write in your manifestation journal, and how to use it to manifest. I’m wishing you many blessings and so much love and joy. 

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