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How to Manifest Something Quickly (7 Powerful Steps)

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Do you want to learn how to manifest something quickly

What are you looking to manifest—money, a new job, a long-awaited text, your dream lover? 

While instant manifestation is possible and does happen, since manifesting is, in essence, co-creating with the Universe, keep in mind that there are also elements outside of your control. 

This article aims to give you a solid process to work with things within your control to speed up your manifestations. 

We’ll discuss how to manifest quickly using Neville Goddard’s Living in the End State (or Living in the Wish Fulfilled) method.

Additionally, we’ll cover five spiritual tips that will keep you grounded and centered while manifesting. 

So c’mon, let’s discuss how to speed up your manifestations!


Does Manifestation Work?

Yes, manifestation definitely works! Manifesting is the art of harnessing your spiritual energy to bring your desires into physical form. 

In fact, you are always manifesting, and the Law of Attraction is constantly working with or without your conscious participation. Everything in your life up until now is your manifestation. 

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, and you attract what you are, not what you want. You magnetize into your life people, places, experiences, and objects of matching vibrational frequency to what you are. 

So, your vibrational frequency is of utmost importance when manifesting with the Law of Attraction or the Law of Assumption

Can You Manifest Quickly?


Yes, you can manifest quickly. Manifestation comes quickly and effortlessly when you raise your vibration, are clear on what you want, and are not blocked by limiting beliefs and internal conflict.

Manifesting quickly depends on how well you align your current state with your desired state. You have to become a vibrational match to your external desire

For instance, let’s say you want to manifest a loving relationship but hold a limiting belief that you are unworthy of love. The Universe will reflect this belief to you through people and situations you encounter. 

By the Law of Assumption, which states “what you assume is true creates your reality,” people will mirror your unworthiness to you. 

That is, until you decide it’s time to change—not the external world, but yourself. One potent manifestation method is Neville Goddard’s Living in the End State. 

Living in the End State means you believe you already have your desire. 

You must train your subconscious mind to catch up with your future and think and feel from the end state of your desire. 

What you want is your conscious mind and your future.

Example: “I want a loving relationship”

What you are is your subconscious mind and your past programming. 

Example: “I am unworthy of love” 

The End State is a loving relationship. 

So, being in a healthy, loving relationship (with yourself) has to become your new normal. Your subconscious and conscious minds need to agree, align, and become one. Your self-concept might look something like this.

Example: “I am in the most fantastic relationship of my dreams” and “I am love.” 

How to Manifest Something Quickly (7 Powerful Steps)


1. Claim Your Desire 

Step one is to claim your desire. Know that your desires are meant to be fulfilled and that whatever you want is already yours. 

Claim your desire with conviction by writing it down in your manifestation journal as though you already have your desire in the present or past tense. 

The Universe loves clarity. The clearer you are, the quicker your desire comes, so get clear on your desire.

Let’s go back to the manifesting love example. 

Example: I am in a loving relationship with the person of my dreams.

And, if you want to manifest a specific person (SP), write down their name. 

If you are still figuring out what you want to manifest, practice with small and easy manifestations while compiling your list of bigger manifestations. Check out my article on 11 easy things to manifest for beginners

2. Clarify Why Your Desire is Important to You 


The second step is to clarify why your desire is important to you. 

You’ve heard it before when people say the moment they find their life purpose, their *why* their path opens up. 

Knowing why your desire is important will allow you to focus on your manifestation. This holds true for any manifestation, small or big.

Find your why and write it down in your manifestation journal. 

3. Know Why Your Desire is Time Sensitive

The third step is to state why your desire is time-sensitive. 

Why does your desire need to happen soon? Why now?

A natural shift occurs when you know why your manifestation is time-sensitive. 

It will help you direct your energy toward your manifestation and clear out external and internal clutter and noise. 

4. Do The Placemat Process by Esther Hicks

The fourth step is to do Esther Abraham-Hicks’ Placemat Process.

This powerful exercise lets you become aware of what you control versus what you don’t control, alleviating unnecessary frustration, tension, or upset. 

For this exercise, take a sheet of paper (or your manifestation journal) and draw a vertical line down the center of the paper. You can choose to have your piece of paper horizontally or vertically. 

On the left side, title it: What I Control

On the right side, title it: The Universe’s Job 

Now, fill out each side regarding your manifestation. On the left side, write everything that’s within your control. On the right side, write down everything that is the Universe’s job.

5. Visualize Your Desire

The fifth step is to take quiet time alone and visualize already having your desire. 

For instance, for the manifesting love example, what does it feel like to be in your relationship now? Visualize the person, notice the feelings that arise, and note down the feelings in your manifestation journal.

Do you feel loved, adored, respected, etc.? The more specific you can be, the better. Remember how you felt because you’ll need this for the next step.

Additionally, notice any blocks, resistance, or limiting beliefs you may have. For example, being loved feels unnatural or makes you nervous. Write down your limiting beliefs.  

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6. Live in the End State


The sixth step is to live in the end state of already having your desire. 

Living in the end state allows you to train your imagination to live as though your desire has already been fulfilled. The feelings you created above are the end state of your manifestation. 

Every day, train your subconscious mind by doing your visualization when you wake up and before you go to bed. 

Right when you rise and before you fall asleep is the best time to access and impress the subconscious mind. Neville calls this state the State Akin to Sleep (SATS). It’s a drowsy meditative state, or in modern times, we call it the alpha brainwave state

7. Take Inspired Action

The seventh step is to take inspired action on the material plane to manifest your desire. Take the list that you created in step three, The Placemat Process, and start taking action on the things you control. 

For instance, for the manifesting love example, the list might look like this: 

Most importantly, take action on what intuitively feels right to you from a place of inspiration. Your internal guidance system is always guiding you. If something feels begrudging or doesn’t feel right, don’t do it; instead, look for avenues that light you up and feel right. 

How Fast Can You Manifest Something?

Manifesting can take a day, a week, months, a year, or even longer. It all depends on you, what you are manifesting, and the Universe. 

How fast you magnetize in your desire relies on your ability to persuade yourself that you already have your desire by living in the end state.

So, the faster you can make your external manifestation a normal, natural internal set point, the quicker you will magnetize in your desire.

But of course, it’s not as easy with every manifestation and depends on how deeply rooted your limiting beliefs are relative to your desire. 

For instance, manifesting love might be quick and easy for you, but manifesting confidence in your career might take more time. 

So take it easy on yourself, stay patient, and put in consistent daily work with your manifesting practices. 

5 Spiritual Concepts to Keep You Grounded When Manifesting Quick


  • Law of One: Life is a co-creation with the Universe, and the Universe works for the highest good of all. This means that some people experience lows while others experience highs simultaneously. There is a balancing act on a higher level beyond our comprehension. Seeing yourself as part of the whole helps with taking setbacks or delays personally. Use any setbacks, delays, or stagnation as a time to grow.
  • Letting Go: The only thing you can control is how you manage your energy and reactions to situations and circumstances you attract into your field. Use Esther Hicks’ Placemat Process to let go of what doesn’t serve and things that are not in your control.
  • Focus: Manifesting is the art of focus; remind yourself to focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.
  • Trust and Flow: Reading and listening to your energy and the energy around you is essential, as the Universe always talks to you. Is it time to go inward and reflect, or is it time to take massive action? Find ways to trust and go with the flow of your life. 
  • Openness and Allowing: Remain open to infinite possibilities. How your manifestation magnetizes into your life may come in the most unexpected ways.  

Closing Thoughts on How to Manifest Something Quickly

And voila! We discussed how to manifest your desires quickly in 7 easy steps using Neville Goddard’s Live in the End manifestation method and five spiritual concepts to keep you grounded and centered while manifesting. I hope this article serves you well on your manifestation journey.

And if your manifestations do arrive at lightning speed, you’ll know that a miracle is merely the power of your subconscious mind believing in your manifestation. 

I wish you so much love and joy!

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