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How to Manifest a New Job With Prayer

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Do you want to manifest a new job or a dream career? You’re in the right place. 

In this article, we’ll go over how to manifest a new job or career using Neville Goddard’s Law of Assumption and his prayer technique. 


Can You Manifest a New Job?

Yes, of course! The Law of Attraction is always working, and you’re always manifesting whether you are aware of it or not. You’ve manifested your current job, your previous jobs, and everything in your present reality. 

As the famous Law of Attraction quote says — you attract what you are, not what you want. What you are and what you want are two different things. 

What you WANT is your conscious mind, your future. What you ARE is your subconscious mind, your past. 

When manifesting with the Law of Attraction or the Law of Assumption, we need to get our subconscious past to catch up with our future. The two minds need to agree, align, and become one. 

Before we get into how to manifest a new job, the first thing you’ll want to focus on is getting in tune with what you already are so you can begin to vibrationally align with what you want

The doorway into what you are is your vibrational frequency — your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. But mainly, focus on your feelings as they are the key indicator of your vibration

The Correct Way to Pray According to Neville Goddard


Neville Goddard was a mystic and spiritual teacher who influenced names like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Esther Abraham-Hicks, and Rhonda Byrne. He is considered the Father of the Law of Attraction and most recognized for the Law of Assumption.

According to Neville, the correct way to pray is to live in the state of the wish fulfilled. 

Living in the state of the wish fulfilled means assuming that you already have your manifestation. It is done and here already.

He believes that you are God/Universe and instructs us not to pray to a God/Universe outside of ourselves. 

If you pray to a God or Universe outside of you, you assume that your manifestation has not yet arrived, putting you in waiting mode. 

Believing that you can eventually manifest your job versus believing you’ve already achieved it (or that the job is on its way) are entirely two different vibrations. 

So, to sum up, the way to pray using Neville’s philosophy is to bring your subconscious mind to the state of having your job (or any other manifestation) now. 

How to Manifest a New Job with Prayer (8 Steps)


Step 1: Brainstorm Your New Job

The first step is to brainstorm your new dream job. If you already know what job you want, skip to step 2. 

If you are making a complete career change, you should definitely take some time to brainstorm what kind of position you’d enjoy and love. 

  • What industry excites you?
  • How much money would you like to earn?
  • What type of hours do you want to work?
  • What is your skill set?
  • How can you help and be useful in society?
  • What is the best use of your skills?
  • What are you naturally gifted and talented at?
  • What hobbies and passions do you have?
  • Do you want to work for an employer, start a business, or side hustle?
  • Do you want to work independently, remotely, in a team, or head a team? Do you want to travel? 

Make a list of all the possibilities and imagine what the job would be like day to day. See what job aligns with your personality and the season of life you’re in. 

Search for feelings of happiness, excitement, and fulfillment. The clearer you are on what job you want, the better. 

Step 2: Claim Your New Dream Job


The second step is to claim your new dream job. When working with Neville’s Law of Assumption, know that your desires are yours and meant to be fulfilled. 

Write down your new dream job as though you already have it in your manifestation journal. 

For instance, if you want to work as a product designer at a newer and fresh beauty company, let’s say Glossier. 

Write down: I am a product designer working for my favorite beauty company, Glossier! 

Step 3: Clarify Why You Want to Manifest a Job

The fourth step is to clarify why you want to manifest a new dream job. That way, you understand the purpose behind manifesting your job. 

This is an important step. Your intention gives you the gas in your engine to go after your job, know why you are the one for the job when interviewing, and create the vibration to attract the job to you. 

  • Why do I want to manifest a job?
  • Why am I the one for this position? Imagine having the job already; what was your answer at the interview that got you the job? Dig and mine for your strengths.

Example: Why do you want to be a product designer for Glossier? 

Beauty is my passion. I want to work for a creative company that inspires me and others to explore and play with beauty. I’m here to design products that help people feel beautiful. 

Focus on how useful you can be for the job and industry. 

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Step 4: Visualize Your Dream Job


The third step is to visualize already having your dream job. 

Take quiet time to visualize how working at your new job would feel. 

Imagine what the position would feel like. What does your day-to-day feel like? Imagine your responsibilities, your coworkers, and the environment. What is the aura and vibe of your company? 

Most importantly, how do you feel? Do you feel confident, excited, happy, relieved, fulfilled, etc?

In your manifestation journal, write down the feelings that arose in your visualization. You’ll need to refer to this experience in your daily gratitude prayers.

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Step 5: Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

The fifth step is to identify your limiting beliefs about your desired job.

Identifying limiting beliefs is another crucial step not to overlook because your self-concept is driving and manifesting your life. 

Go internally and assess your self-worth, self-esteem, and confidence levels relative to your job. 

Most people block themselves from receiving what they want because of limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears about their position. Write down your limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears. 

Example: I’m not good enough, I’ve never worked in the beauty industry before, or I’m too old for a career change. 

Once you identified any limiting beliefs, you can use affirmations to become a vibrational match to your desired job. Here are different affirmations you can use:

Step 6: Script Your Gratitude Prayer

The sixth step is to script your gratitude prayer as though you already have your desired position or interview. Think of prayer as a long-form affirmation. 

When scripting your prayer, keep it about 5 to 10 seconds long. 

Using Neville’s technique of already having your position or interview, you would naturally be in a state of gratitude. Start with thank you as if you already have your dream job. 

Example: Thank you so much, Universe, for my job as a product designer at Glossier. I am so happy and grateful that I get to work for a company that inspires me. I get to do what I love and enjoy and create a nice and comfortable life for myself financially. I believe in their products. My coworkers are kind, genuine, and helpful toward my development and growth. Thank you so much!

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Step 7: Live in the Wish Fulfilled With Daily Prayer


The seventh step is to live in the wish fulfilled. Treat prayer like affirmations and do it two to three times daily. 

The best times to pray and access your subconscious mind are in the morning, before bed, and after meditation. When you go back and forth from sleep to wake, your mind will be in alpha brainwave frequency or a state akin to Sleep (SATS)

The most important thing to note is to call up your feelings when praying. Your subconscious mind will begin to absorb the prayer and feelings. 

Step 8: Take Inspired Action

The last step is to take inspired action. Make a list of practical steps to attract your dream job and take action. 

  • Getting your resume or portfolio together.
  • Research the job, field, and hiring manager
  • Send out resumes
  • Get your LinkedIn profile together
  • Read industry news
  • Network and find friends
  • Upleveling your skills and taking courses

How Long Does it Take to Manifest a New Job or Dream Career?


The time it takes to manifest a new dream job or career will depend on the skill level required. 

For instance, looking for a restaurant position as a server will be easier than making a complete career change and becoming a UX Designer. The latter requires learning new hard skills, which takes longer.

The more prepared you are with the hard skills required for your desired position while doing your daily prayers to align with the desired position vibrationally, the better your chances. 

Remember, ask the Universe for exactly what you want and state it. The more precise you are on what you want and the more vibrationally aligned you are, the quicker your manifestation will arrive. The Universe will align the right job for you. 

Also, remember that although you ask for what you want, the Universe might align you with another position. Don’t lose hope. 

Neville talks about a concept called the bridge of incidents. How you attain your new job or manifestation may play out differently. It may not play out as linearly as you think. 

For instance, let’s go back to the product designer example. 

Let’s say Glossier doesn’t hire you. You get upset, which is fine. But you then get hired at another beauty company. At this company, you meet a mentor. You and your mentor end up developing a long-term relationship of a lifetime. Then, maybe your mentor will get scouted to work at Glossier and bring you on the Glossier team. 

It does happen, but it doesn’t happen how you imagined, and you also meet a significant person in your life. 

So, always remain open to the infinite possibilities as the Universe is always working for the highest good of all.  

Closing Thoughts on How to Manifest a New Job with Prayer

And voila! I hope this article helps you manifest your new dream job. 

Remember, the Universe is always conspiring for the highest good of all. Focus on getting clear on what you are, raising your vibrational frequency, developing your hard skills, and taking inspired action.

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