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20 Meaningful Gift Ideas for Spiritual People

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Are you looking for thoughtful gift ideas for spiritual people—a tree-hugging, soul-searching yogi friend in your life? Well, you’re in the right place! Let me help you out.

There are many spiritual paths and ways to reach the same conclusion. Everyone is very different, but if your special spiritual person is attracted to content like, Deepak Chopra, or Byron Katie, their style might click with mine. 

Spiritual seekers are truth seekers. Their mind and life paths are drawn toward searching for a higher purpose, meaning in life, and a harmonious connection with the Universe and themselves. 

A turning point in their life may have kicked off their spiritual journey, or maybe they have always been spiritual, but it’s safe to say that the spiritual path can sometimes be lonely, and the work involved can be emotionally challenging.

Because to transcend the ego or expand consciousness, much personal growth, introspection, and daily spiritual practices are needed to align with your true nature: love, harmony, peace, bliss, joy, enlightenment, and the higher self. (Any name you want to call it.) 

You might be thinking: Okay, I get it, but still, what do I buy someone who is spiritual? 

They’ll likely be into Zen practices, mindfulness, meditation, spiritual books or scriptures of some sort, yoga, and gratitude journals. Things of this nature.

Here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself before you begin searching for the perfect gift for a spiritual person:

  • What is your budget?
  • What sort of activities does your special spiritual person enjoy or can’t stop talking about?
  • Or maybe you are further along the path and would like to support their budding new spiritual interests. How do you want to inspire and support them?


So Here are My Top 20 Gift Ideas for a Spiritual Person for Every Budget


1. Gaiam Yoga Mat Premium 6mm

2. Manduka Pro 6mm Yoga Mat

3. SOLSHINE Crystal Singing Bowl – 8″ Heart Chakra

4. mukmuk Zafu, Buckwheat Meditation Cushion Pillow

5. Hihealer Zafu, Meditation Cushion Floor Pillow

6. The Five Minute Journal: Gratitude and Happiness Journal

7. Zojirushi Micom Water Boiler and Warmer

8. Hiware Glass Teapot with Removable Infuser

9. Teabloom Stovetop & Microwave Safe Glass w/ 2 Blooming Teas 

10. Himalayan Salt Lamp Bowl with Natural Crystal Chunks (Authentic from Pakistan)

11. Mydethun Moon Lunar Lamp

12. SHOYEIDO Plum Blossoms Incense – Baika-ju

13. Florida Water 

14. Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot Deck & Book Set

15. Moonology Oracle Cards and Guidebook 

16. Japanese Zen Sand Garden Meditation Kit


Books to Gift a Spiritual Person

17. Letting Go by Dr. David R. Hawkins

18. The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer

19. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

20. The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron


Closing Thoughts on Gift Ideas for Spiritual People

I’m sure they would be so thrilled if they knew you were putting in the effort to research spiritual gift ideas for them! They’d probably write it in their gratitude journal. Haha.

I hope you found the perfect gift here! If you want more inspiration, check out my other gift ideas for holistic healers, health-conscious people, and healthy eaters. Good luck and happy shopping!  

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