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How to Do a Full Moon Gratitude Prayer (4 Easy Steps)

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Want to learn how to do a full moon gratitude prayer but have never prayed before? 

You’re in the right place! Let me show you how.

If you didn’t have a religious upbringing, chances are you didn’t learn how to pray. That’s okay. You don’t have to be religious to pray. You can still tap into your spiritual nature without devotion to a particular religion.

Also, full moon prayers are a great way to develop a consistent daily gratitude prayer practice if you choose. 

Let’s get started.

What Does the Full Moon Represent Spiritually?

The moon is the highest form of feminine energy. She symbolizes reflection, nurturing, allowing, receiving, our emotions, motherly love, intuition, creativity, and relaxation. 

Lunar cycles remind us that life is cyclical. In particular, the full moon marks the culmination of a cycle. 

The moon reaches its peak and receives full strength from the sun, representing expansion, illumination, completion, hope, and the fruition of harvest.  


Why Do Gratitude Prayers During a Full Moon?

Full moon energy enhances what we already are, so if we are sad, the full moon can illuminate this. 

Since the full moon phase brings an expansive quality, it is an ideal time to expand our gratitude with a gratitude prayer.

There is a 5-day window to harness the full moon’s energy—two days prior, full moon day, and two days after. 

You can do full moon rituals during the day, but for the best results, I like doing full moon rituals in the evening when the moon is out. 

You can also try doing moon rituals outdoors under the gaze of the moon and moon bathing for optimal relaxation. Experiment with it and have fun!


What is a Prayer (for Manifestation)? 

Praying might feel strange at first if you’ve never prayed before. But you can totally do it. First, let’s understand what prayer is and how to pray correctly. 

Generally, we think of prayer as an action to speak to the Higher Power (insert any name you prefer—Infinite Creator, God, Source, Universe). We tend to think of the higher power as something outside of us, something mysterious out there, somewhere. Which it is, but let me explain. 

The higher power is also within us. You may have heard spiritual teachers calling it our “god-state” or “god-self.” To believe in the higher power out there is to believe in the higher power within us. To have faith in an infinite power is to have faith in your infinite self. It’s one and the same. Simply put, prayers are a practice to develop faith and belief in self. 

Moreover, to do prayer correctly, you want to reach a state people call “one” or “union.” 

For manifesting, Neville Goddard calls this “living in the state of the wish fulfilled.” 

If you are one with something, there is no resistance. Prayers are a way of tuning into your energy field, removing conflict, and becoming one with what you are praying for. In this case, gratitude. 

You align with your soul, connect to spirit, and surrender your ego: doubt, fear, guilt, depression, conflict, envy, jealousy, or pride. After you’re done praying, you ARE gratitude. 

Practically speaking, all you have to do is release resistance and amplify the richness of gratitude as you do your prayer. Believe, milk, and relish every word as you pray.

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How to Do a Full Moon Gratitude Prayer in 4 Steps


Step 1. Make a List of What You’re Grateful For

Before praying, always clearly define your objective. Know what you want before asking for it.

To get started, do a brain dump of things already in your life you are grateful for. Make a list of about twenty-five or as many as you like. From there, choose three to write your prayer. 

If you choose to add a future manifestation, write one down. You will be saying thank you for your manifestation as if it were already here— “living in the state of the wish fulfilled.”

Gratitude List Example:

List three things already in your life you are grateful for (or you can do more)

  1. I am grateful for my family and friends’ health and well-being.
  2. I am grateful for a gift my friend sent me the other day.
  3. I am thankful for the discount I received from a young man at the grocery store.

List your future manifestation (optional)

  1. I am grateful for my new loving relationship.

Step 2: Write Your Prayer


With the list above, write out your prayer in detail. Be sure to add descriptive details and emotional language, and use plenty of “thank yous” and “I am grateful.” There is no right or wrong; whatever works for you. You can make it as short or long as you like. Here is an example below to get your mind jogging.

Full Moon Gratitude Prayer Example

Dear Universe/God (insert any name you prefer), 

Thank you for being here with me today and every day. Thank you for your guidance, protection, and love. 

Thank you for my many blessings and lessons thus far. I hope I have understood my lessons well and grown because of them. 

Please forgive me if I forget to express my daily gratitude. Please know that I am eternally grateful for each day, each moment, and breath. 

I know I am loved. I let go of fear, guilt, anger, and resentment. Please guide me while I continue learning how to surrender my ego and connect to your infinite spirit of peace and love. 

I am grateful for my health and vitality. Also, thank you so much for my family and friends’ health, well-being, love, and safety. Please provide more abundance and wealth for them if you can.

Thank you soooo much for the gift I received from my dear friend. I feel so special! Thank you for having her in my life. She has been an immense support system during tougher moments, and I appreciate her support, love, and sincere concern for my happiness and well-being. She has been a dear and true friend to me. 

Thank you to the kind young man at the grocery store who gave me a discount the other day. Thank you so much for the abundance of kindness. 

~Future manifestation expressed as if it were here now. Write in the present tense. (optional) ~

Thank you so much for my new relationship with “name.” He is so amazing to me. He is very considerate and prioritizes our relationship. We make decisions together and are a great team! I love our time together, and we have so much fun laughing like teenagers. We have so much fun exploring new exotic foods. I’m enjoying this juncture and can’t wait for many more experiences of joy and abundance. I am abundant and create more powerful and abundant experiences in my life. Thank you so much for the abundance and wealth coming my way. I am soooo excited! 

Thank you for my many blessings and your guidance. 

Love your child, 

Your name

Thank you!!

Step 3: Prepare Your Head Space and Your Physical Space 

Clearing-Energy-In Home-Using-Sage - Smudge-Stick - Healing

Creating a sacred space allows you to slow down. Similar to taking a yoga class, when you prepare your yoga props and ease into the class to get calm and present. You can light candles, sage, palo santo, incense, or essential oils and play meditative music.

You can stretch, do pranayama, or meditate prior if you’d like as well. 

You can also prepare your energy by saying or chanting “I am,” “Thank you,” or “Om.”

The key is to get your mind and body relaxed and peaceful first. Then, concentrate on your prayer, absorb your words, and amplify the energy of gratitude.

Step 4: Say Your Prayer


After getting into a clear headspace, read the prayer aloud. As you say, the words try connecting to the words as much as possible. 

You can use prayer hands, clasped prayer hands, hold your hands over your heart space, or any position you like. 

The key here is to release any form of judgment. Attune to your energy and notice any conflict or disorganization in your energy field. Breathe and settle into serenity, stability, and peace. 

Focus your attention on gratitude and the words, and believe every word. As you call up gratitude, let the energy become richer and richer as you say each word. 

Over time, when you have your prayer memorized, you can also choose to close your eyes while saying your prayer. 

This time is for you and the divine, so have fun! Just remember, breathe, believe, and let go of resistance. 

Closing Thoughts on Full Moon Gratitude Prayers

Now you know how to do a simple full moon gratitude prayer. Please feel free to change the prayer and shorten it if you like to fit your situation. I wish you many blessings, so much love, and joy!

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Happy manifesting! 

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