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7 Kickass Different Ways to Manifest on Paper [Scripting LOA]

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Manifesting on paper is one of the most powerful ways to visualize your dreams into reality. It allows you to train your subconscious mind through scripting, creative visualization, and repetition.

You can use these techniques to manifest anything you desire, from money, love, a new job, and confidence to better health. All manifesting techniques work with the teachings of the Law of Assumption or the Law of Attraction.

So, without further ado, below are seven different ways to manifest on paper. Experiment with them and see which one you like! 


1. Scripting a Letter From Your Future Self

The first way to manifest on paper is by scripting a letter to your future self. Scripting a letter to your future self is like a personal declaration of the person you wish to be, but written in the present tense as though it were happening now or in the past tense like it’s already happened. This technique allows you to step into the shoes of your future self and embody the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs of the transformed version of yourself in the present moment. 

2. Write Your Goals In the End State

The second way to manifest on paper is by writing your goals in the end state. Writing your goals or desires as though you’ve already achieved them trains your subconscious mind to believe your desire has already happened. 

Instead of writing your goals in the future tense like traditional goal setting, write them in the present or past tense. For example, instead of, “I would like to earn $10,000 by said date,” switch it to “I currently earn $10,000 monthly as a real estate agent.” 

3. 33×3 Manifestation Method 

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The third way to manifest on paper is the 33×3 manifestation method. This method involves writing your desire or positive affirmation 33 times daily for three days.

The repetitious act of writing your manifestation will train your subconscious mind to believe in your manifestation. As you write, focus on embodying the feeling of the end state of your desire, going for a richer and fuller experience each time you script.

You can choose any time of day that works best for you. Typically, though, manifesting practices are best done in the morning when you wake up or right before you fall asleep because your mind is most relaxed and receptive then. Neville Goddard calls this meditative state the State Akin to Sleep (SATS).

4. 44×4 Manifestation Method

The fourth way to manifest on paper is the 44×4 manifestation method. Like the 33×3 manifestation method, this technique involves scripting your manifestation daily but 44 times daily over four days. 

The same concept applies as above: repetitively writing your affirmations or desires trains your subconscious mind to believe what you are writing. When you’re done with four days of scripting, you can take a break and repeat the four-day cycle or let go of your manifestation and trust. 

5. The Pillow Method

The fifth manifestation method is the pillow method, popularized by Valeria Romero, a TikTok Influencer. This method involves writing your manifestation on a sheet of paper and sticking it under your pillow. Simple enough! However, there’s a little more to it. 

Get your mind relaxed and script your manifestation six or nine times, whichever you prefer, while embodying the end state of your manifestation. Every night before you go to bed, read your script, visualize it, and embody the feeling state of your manifestation. 

Keep your manifestation paper under your pillow for about 7 to 10 days and release your manifestation. If you feel you haven’t fully embodied your manifestation after ten days, you can keep your script under your pillow longer. 

6. 369 Manifestation Method

Photo by cottonbro studio from Pexels

The sixth way to manifest on paper is the 369 manifestation method. Manifestation expert Karen Yee invented this method, and it is undoubtedly one of the most popular scripting LOA techniques that hit collective consciousness during the pandemic.

This method involves scripting your manifestation three times in the morning to start your manifestation energy, six times during the day to amplify your manifestation energy, and nine times in the evening to complete the energy. 

She recommends doing this method for thirty-three days or forty-five days for optimal results. 

7. The Placemat Process

The last way to manifest on paper is Esther Abraham-Hicks’ Placemat Process. This process aims to help you become aware of what you control and what you don’t.

For this exercise, take your manifestation journal and draw a vertical line down the center of a page of paper. You can choose to have your piece of paper horizontally or vertically. 

On the left side, title it: What I Control

On the right side, title it: The Universe’s Job 

Now, fill out the respective sides pertaining to your manifestation. On the left side, write everything that’s within your control. On the right side, write down everything that is the Universe’s job.

Closing Thoughts on Different Ways to Manifest on Paper

And voila! I hope these seven powerful ways to manifest on paper help you on your manifesting journey. Remember, all techniques work; it just depends on which one you resonate with. So, experiment, or pick one and get started.

Happy manifesting!

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