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9 Ways to Detox Your Life: Deep Clean Your Mind, Body, & Soul

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Does your life feel dull and stagnant? If so, then you’ve landed in the right place. This post will go over how to detox your life and give it a major deep cleanse. Detoxing your life is the perfect way to get out of a rut, help push your life forward, and make it flow. 

It also helps you incorporate mindfulness and intentional living in your life. It forces you to slow down, reflect on past choices, and create a new way for abundant energy to enter. It’ll bring fresh vibes to your life that can do wonders for your mind, body, and soul. 

I love setting out time to sort through old baggage, memories, and belongings—physical and metaphysical. Our lives and everything around us reflect our inner lives, from our relationships to how we keep our space. 

  • Do we hoard because we operate from a sense of lack? 
  • Do we choose a job that requires a lot of traveling because, deep down, we lack commitment in our relationships? 
  • Are we so anal with how we upkeep our home that no one can dare live with us?

It’s all interrelated—our physical environment and our psychology. While you are sorting through your material belongings, it is also a great time to clear out bad habits, negative thoughts, and old wounds. 

I love doing these activities on my own, where I refrain from hanging out with anyone. That way, I can keep my mind clear and focus on my thoughts. You can schedule it and do it all over an extended period or choose one or two areas you feel need the most loving. 

Below are the nine ways you can detox your life. 


1. Detox Your Home 

A great place to start detoxing is your home. It’s the ultimate self-care ritual! A refreshed and purged home can do wonders for your psyche. Start by breaking down your home by rooms and tackle your detox project in steps. Create four piles: trash, gift a friend, sell, and donate.   

Take mental notes of your living and spending habits during this time.

  • Do you have four of the same oregano spice?
  • Is it time to go au naturel with your cleaning supplies
  • Could your walls use a fresh coat of paint to revive the energy in your home? 
  • Speaking of energy, can your home benefit from a bit of feng shui?

2. Detox Your Closet and Clothing

Clothing deserves its category. Don’t you agree, ladies?! Purging your closets can teach you many lessons about your spending habits. I know it did for me. I’ve become more mindful of my shopping habits compared to my younger years. The first time I purged my closets, I felt so guilty about all the dollar signs I had wasted over the years.

Create the same piles as you did for your house: gift a friend pile, sell at second-hand shops or online, donate, and trash. A great rule of thumb is the year benchmark. If you haven’t touched it in a year, will you use it in the future? 

Another way to tackle your piles of clothes is Marie Kondo’s strategy. I’m sure you’ve heard of her “does it spark joy” concept by now. Abbie Lawson of Just a Girl and Her Blog wrote a fantastic post on folding using the KonMari method with videos and everything. Enjoy!

As you gather your clothes and build your piles, without judgment or ridicule, take mental notes of the time when you bought the clothes.

  • Were you emotional shopping and binging on retail therapy?
  • Did you buy something just because you got paid?
  • Did you buy something because it was on sale and never wore it?
  • Did you buy one of every color and end up only wearing one color once?
  • Did you buy something because a friend had it, so you had to have one, too?

We don’t need to suppress or neglect our earthly pleasures, but reflecting on your spending habits can help you implement better spending strategies in the future. 

3. Detox Your Relationships & Friendships

Learning how to deal with a troubled relationship can be a tricky situation. People are incredibly unique. There’s no easy answer and one generalized way to handle it.

If you find yourself in a toxic relationship (friendship, romantic partner, or family member), and you can’t quite put your finger on what’s bothering you, I suggest writing everything down. It’s weird, but we will be less likely to deal with the situation intelligently when emotions are involved.

After you’ve done this, access where this person belongs in your life. As we grow and evolve, sometimes it’s better to move forward without them. And sometimes, you’ll find a gem: disharmony that leads to a stronger bond! 

4. Detox Your Physical Body and Foods

How we care for our bodies plays a huge role in our well-being. Without your physical health, it’s hard to feel vital and adequately manage the other areas of life. If you have been eating unhealthy and feeling like crap lately, detoxing your body is a great way to reset your system.

And no, I’m not suggesting a juice cleanse.

You can do a clean eating plan for three days to a week. I enjoy eating simple meals where I dial down spices, caffeine, deep-fried food, alcohol, and dairy.

If you are feeling adventurous, I recommend doing an Ayurvedic detox. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian holistic medicine system centered around the digestive tract. You can read more about it at Banyan Botanicals.

5. Detox Your Emotions and Mind

Life has its hardships, milestones, struggles, and happiness. Our physical body and subconscious hold onto our memories and past wounds. 

There’s a great saying:

 “Trauma is not your fault, but healing is your responsibility.”

The suffering you carry around with you. No matter the origin, whether it be of your own doing or someone else’s, it is now your responsibility to release and heal. The reality is no one else can actively do this for you. 

But the cool thing is that a couple of effective energy-healing techniques have recently gained popularity. Both are simple and practical.  

6. Detox Technology Consumption

The thought of separating from our phones and technological gadgets brings up the jitters.

Suppose you ask me to do a social media detox. I will be able to do it for a month, no problem. Piece of cake! But if you ask me not to search on Google for a month. Well, this would give me a severe case of separation anxiety. What will ease my curious mind when I’m on the toilet or taking a bath? 

Some of us have become entirely dependent on our technology. Sigh. How did we ever get by without our touchscreen friends? More of a reason to do a detox from technology. The truth is we didn’t come out of our mother’s womb holding an iPhone. 

7. Detox Your Daily Routine and Habits

If you are anything like me, you’ve likely piled all sorts of new habits into your life. The quest to become my best self has become a case of habit overwhelm. 

No, I was kidding. I’m trying to say that some of us tend to overschedule our day. We jam-pack our routines with self-improvement habits, impossible work deadlines, and social activities like a can of sardines. 

And we fail to give ourselves the time to relax and breathe. It sounds a bit cheesy, but this is a holistic wellness blog, after all. Damn, we need to give ourselves the time just to be and breathe without an agenda or an ulterior motive for living. 

8. Detox Your Money Life

Your financial life is a great way to understand your spiritual life. People who think money and spirituality are opposites have got it all wrong. The two have everything to do with each other. 

  • Are you constantly living in fear, not knowing when your next paycheck will come? 
  • Are you stingy? 
  • Do you go on spending binges when you are down?

Like alcohol, smoking, emotional eating, or any other addiction, money can be a coping mechanism for some people. They become destructive and subconsciously sabotage their efforts in life. 

If this sounds like you, I recommend reading Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin, Joseph R. Dominguez, and Monique Tilford if this sounds like you. This book can change your financial life. 

9. Detox Your Work Life

Work-life balance has been all the rage in recent years. And for a good reason. We spend most of our days and hours at work. Whether you consider your job—a career, a means to pay the bills, or your entire life— it’s pertinent that you give yourself time to rejuvenate.  

A vacation rooted in self-care helps you be a better coworker, employee, and boss. It’s common knowledge that when people take time off, they better handle stressful work situations. Companies have seen an increase in employees’ creativity and happiness. 

Time away makes the heart grow fonder. A vacation can reignite your passion for your career, help you realize that you’re worthy of a promotion, or even nudge you toward a career change. Don’t take your self-care so lightly.

Take Away

You made it all the way through! Yay! Now that you’ve read the ten ways to detox your life, I hope this inspires you to take action! Today! Make a list and give your life an extensive, deep clean. Once you clear out the old gunk, you’ll start to see a little pep in your step again. I pinky swear. 

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