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47 Daily Affirmations for Success and Motivation

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Practicing affirmations for success is the perfect addition to your morning routine. 

Success is a mind, body, and soul game. If we struggle to align the three, manifesting our life feels frustrating. 

Sometimes, when we’re in the middle of a long-term goal, we can take things for granted and forget why we started. What did we initially find attractive about our partner or thrilled about our goals?

Keeping your spirit childlike, curious, and optimistic can help you flow through tougher days and find gratitude in the present moment.

Additionally, starting your morning with a dose of positivity helps keep your goals at the forefront of your mind, stay motivated, and raise your vibration.

Ready to learn more about success affirmations?

Okay, let’s get started.


What Are Success Affirmations?

The first thing you have to do to be successful is to get clear on your manifestations and intentions.

Secondly, to be successful, you have to believe that success is available to you and that you are worthy of it. Sometimes, we want success consciously, but subconsciously, we don’t believe we’re worthy of it. 

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. You’ve probably heard it before, “You don’t attract what you want; you attract who you are.”

So thirdly, to attract more successful outcomes in your life, you have to cultivate and get into vibrational alignment with what success means to you. 

This is where affirmations come in. Affirmations help align your mind, body, and spirit to the feeling of success. 

Affirmations for success are short positive statements you say aloud to manage your internal environment and release limiting beliefs

With persistence and consistency, your self-image will gradually change. You will also act successful when you feel successful and think positive thoughts.

For instance, you’ll notice that people will naturally let go of self-sabotaging behaviors, such as procrastination or putting themselves down when they start letting go of negative thinking.

Furthermore, there is scientific evidence that self-affirmations rewire the brain. Working with affirmations causes your brain to fire new neuro pathways and alter your brain chemistry to fit your new beliefs of being successful. 

Lastly, if this is your first time working with affirmations, it might feel strange because your natural set point feels far away from the feeling of success, but I promise it will get better and easier over time.  

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How To Use Success Affirmations in Front of a Mirror

  • Set about 10 minutes daily. The best times to work with affirmations are in the morning when you wake up, before bed, or after meditations.
  • Choose 3 to 5 affirmations below that you resonate with. 
  • Stand in front of the mirror in an easy, neutral stance.
  • Take a few deep, slow breaths to get your mind and body relaxed and calm. 
  • Look in the mirror and connect with yourself. 
  • Repeat each affirmation ten times. 
  • Conjure the emotional feeling of the affirmation. Every time you say the affirmation, reach for a fuller and richer emotional experience (this step is crucial).

Tips on Working with Affirmations

  • Our nervous system, subconscious mind, and emotional body are interrelated. We spend 95% of our lives in the subconscious mind, so to rewire our brain, we have to rewire our nervous system. Be sure always to conjure up the emotional experience of the affirmation and not just say the affirmation by rote.
  • Try memorizing the emotional experience and maintaining the feeling throughout your day. 
  • You can also repeat the affirmations in your head when you’re unable to say them aloud (i.e., in a meeting) or try writing them out in a journal. 
  • When you catch yourself reverting to old negative feelings and thoughts, surrender the negative thinking and replace it with a positive affirmation in your head. 
  • Also, try writing your own affirmations to make them more personal. 47-daily-affirmations-for-success-and-motivation-pin1

47 Affirmations for Success, Motivation, Enjoying the Process

  1. I am successful, confident, and powerful!
  2. I achieve everything I put my mind to.
  3. I believe in miracles!
  4. I am the creator of my own life. 
  5. I trust that my highest good is unfolding.
  6. The Universe has my back!
  7. My path is opening up success to me.
  8. I am capable of achieving greatness.
  9. I am capable of self-actualizing. 
  10. I am good at what I do.
  11. I am my own source of happiness.
  12. I generate my own motivation.
  13. When I’m feeling down, I easily return to peace, calm, and serenity.
  14. I forgive myself for all of my mistakes. 
  15. I achieve all of my desires with ease.
  16. I am a powerful manifestor and make things happen for myself.
  17. The Universe is conspiring to bring resources, people, and situations to make my dreams come true.
  18. I believe in myself and my dreams.
  19. I am gaining self and professional mastery.
  20. I focus on myself and let go of the need to compare myself to others.
  21. I learn and grow from every person and situation I come across.
  22. I allow myself to shine brightly!
  23. I allow my abilities to shine.
  24. I love learning and growing and am grateful to wake up every day and embrace mystery.
  25. I let go of self-doubt to be successful.
  26.  I celebrate all my achievements and accomplishments thus far. 
  27. I let go of frustration. Every obstacle can be solved.
  28.  I release all limiting beliefs and negative programming. 
  29. Success and feeling good about myself feel amazing.
  30. Accomplishing my goals is who I am
  31. I am accountable for my goals and dreams
  32. I focus all my will, fire, and passion on my goals. I let go of my toxic and limiting behaviors.
  33. I channel all my energy into my one goal. 
  34. I align my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs with my mission.
  35. I radiate confidence, abundance, and joy!
  36. I am clear and decisive. 
  37. I trust my intuition to guide my life. 
  38. Every day, I wake up with gratitude, vitality, and enthusiasm!
  39. I don’t allow my negativity or other people’s negativity to drag me down.
  40. I control my own destiny and create with God. 
  41. Controlled chaos is beautiful. I allow and accept dynamic energy to drive me. 
  42. I am grateful to be able to live out my dreams every day.
  43. I attract abundance, miracles, and success in my life.
  44. I am worthy of the success and abundance I desire.
  45. Success is my natural set point and flows through me freely.
  46.  Life is here for me to experience magic and miracles.
  47. I feel amazing! It’s okay to feel good about myself and proud of my success. 

Closing Thoughts on Affirmations for Success

And voila! Affirmations are a simple, cheap way to heal yourself, raise your vibration, and manage your internal atmosphere. I hope this article helped you understand how to work with success affirmations. I’d love to hear how it goes! 

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