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44 Powerful Affirmations for Inner Peace, Calm, and Well-being

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Stress, fearful thinking, and anxiety can eat away at our quality of life and send us on an emotional downward spiral. Affirmations for inner peace are a helpful and inexpensive tool to help you find calm, balance, and tranquility. 

With everything that goes on in our lives—from career, bills, meal planning, social engagements, romantic relationships, holidays, children, spiritual practices, and hobbies to managing our daily routines—and then add on the chaos that goes on in the world, it’s fair to say that life can get a bit hectic and overwhelming.  

I admit that I lived with daily anxiety for 15+ years. I believed that this state was normal. I thought anxiety was who I was and that I’d have to figure out how to cope with it indefinitely. This is false. You can live without constant anxiety, depression, and less stress. 


Why Affirmations for Inner Peace Are Important

Most of us have predominately lived in our masculine polarity (not gender)—doing and action. We believed we had to do more to be more and that our happiness and well-being would happen later.

It would happen tomorrow if we could do one more thing and check off another checkbox—just one more. 

However, to be truly effective and function well, we also have to connect with our feminine polarity (not gender)—the energy of being, nurturing, and allowing. 

You deserve peace and calm and to feel good about where you are now. 

Calming affirmations might not solve all your problems, but It will significantly reduce stress and raise your vibration. So, instead of reaching for a glass of vino or a bag of chips, try calming affirmations and see if it works for you. 

Okay, let’s get started.

What Are Calming Affirmations?

Affirmations are short positive statements you say aloud, in your head, or write to let go of negative thinking. 

There is scientific evidence that self-affirming rewires your brain. If you consistently practice affirmations over time, you will eventually find that aligning back with peace and serenity becomes easier and easier. 

Remember that your beliefs create your reality. 

According to research studies on neuroplasticity, your brain can fire new neuropathways when you train yourself to think, feel, and act differently. 

So if you believe a state of peace and calm is natural and accessible, your brain chemistry will gradually alter to fit your new self-image. 


Tips on How To Use Affirmations for Inner Peace and Calm

  • The best times to work with affirmations are in the morning, before bed, and after meditations. If you want to work with calming affirmations daily, I recommend setting about 10 minutes daily.
  • Choose 3 to 5 affirmations below that you resonate with. 
  • You can repeat affirmations in front of the mirror, in your head, or try writing them out in a journal. However, I love lying down for calming and soothing affirmations, similar to Shavasana at the end of a yoga class. 
  • Take a few deep and slow breaths to relax your mind and body. Bring your energy down to your body and concentrate your awareness on your body.
  • Focusing on your breathing is essential; as you know, your breath manages your nervous system. Deep and slow breathing carries more oxygen to the brain and activates your parasympathetic nervous system
  • Surrender all other thoughts unrelated to the affirmations that you chose.
  • Gently repeat each affirmation ten times. 
  • If you’re up for a gentle challenge, memorize the emotional experience and maintain the feeling throughout your day. 
  • During the day, if you notice yourself spiraling into a negative thinking pattern, breathe and gently reach for a calming positive affirmation. Concentrate your energy on your body and breath as you repeat each affirmation. 

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Other Practices to Nurture Inner Peace, Relaxation, and Tranquility

  • Create a Calm and Soothing Environment – Find a sanctuary in your home. Whether it be your bed, an area in your home, or your entire home, find a designated place you can call your sacred space. Your mind will slowly adapt and connect your space with peace and safety.  
  • Drink or Eat Something Warm – Warming foods and beverages have a soothing effect on the body. Enjoying and savoring the food and feeling gratitude while you consume your meal will put you in a calming and peaceful mental space. Also, check out my article on intuitive eating. 
  • Try Journaling Journaling your thoughts is the perfect way to self-connect and center your energy. You can also opt to write out affirmations instead of repeating them aloud. Be sure to breathe deeply as you do so. 
  • Try Writing Your Own Affirmations – Writing your own affirmations makes them more personal. It is also a great way to raise your vibration and lift your mood. Read my article if you want to learn how to write your own affirmations


44 Affirmations for Inner Peace and Calm

  1. I am love.
  2. I am enough.
  3. I surrender. I surrender. I surrender.
  4. I am safe and at peace.
  5. I am peaceful, patient, and grounded.
  6. I am together, secure, and centered.
  7. I am light and calm.
  8. I am relaxed and stable.
  9. I’m cool as a cucumber.
  10. I am at peace with my flaws.
  11. I am neither good nor bad. I let go of judgment.
  12. I am enjoying the present moment. 
  13. Peace, calm, and serenity surround me.
  14. Peacefulness is my state of being.
  15. I unconditionally accept and love myself.
  16. I am at peace with myself and whatever happens. I flow with my life.
  17. I am here and present in my own body. I am safe.
  18. I am the lighthouse when waves and storms are crashing around me.
  19. Deep inner peace is my natural state.
  20. My mind is quiet and serene. 
  21. I don’t have to overwork myself. I am enough and okay as I am right now.
  22. I release fearful thinking and negative thinking.
  23. I let go of all identification, labels, and stories and love just being here with myself.
  24. I let go of worry. I will always be okay no matter what happens. 
  25. I surrender all thoughts and enjoy the safety in my heart space.
  26. I let go of trying to be more or less. I am at peace in my neutral state.
  27. I surrender my ego and connect with the deep inner peace in me.
  28. I know how to return home to peace whenever I want.
  29. Everything will be okay; the Universe is taking care of me.
  30. I am okay. I know how to take care of myself.
  31. I trust myself. I know how to make my life work.
  32. It’s okay for me to fail and make mistakes.
  33. Nothing can disrupt my inner peace and sanctuary.
  34. I love the spaciousness and emptiness of my mind, body, and soul.
  35. I love the slowness that life offers me.
  36. I show compassion, forgive myself for all my mistakes, and release the past.
  37. I breathe kindness and gentleness into my soul.
  38. Every breath I take, I am at peace. 
  39. I indulge in the emptiness and spaciousness of my life and being. 
  40. Slowing down and enjoying every moment with myself is precious.
  41. I let my muscles relax and give into the ground.
  42. My heart is my home. My heart is peaceful, calm, and open.
  43. My muscles are melting. I give my muscles permission to become a puddle of nothing. 
  44. I love and enjoy the sound and quality of silence.

Closing Thoughts on Affirmations for Inner Peace and Calm

I hope this article helped you understand how to use calming affirmations for inner peace. When you find yourself in a less-than-ideal mood, call on these affirmations to help soothe your soul, let go of your day, and take care of your wellbeing. Also, feel free to change the affirmations to suit your situation. I’d love to hear how it goes! 

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Much gratitude and happy manifesting!

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