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37 Daily Positive Affirmations for Happiness and Joy

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Looking for mood-boosting affirmations for happiness to keep your spirit high? 

You’re in the right place! 

Let’s talk about how to get your daily hit of happy hormones.

Happiness affirmations are a simple and effective tool to help cultivate positive emotions in your daily experience. 

If you’ve spent most of your life anxious and relatively unhappy, the thought of being happy and blissful might seem farfetched.

What’s funny is there is an endless reserve of happiness, love, and joy in your physical body right now. It’s already all there for you to tap into. 

Focusing on your internal environment first is key. It’s also the basis of The Law of Attraction and manifestation work—internal before external. 

Some of us are accustomed to feeling lower moods, and lower states feel normal. But believe it or not, feel-good emotions can be a part of your daily existence. It’s possible to be blissed out and joyful; with some training and persistence, you can cultivate higher vibrational moods. 

C’mon, let’s get you feeling good.

What is Happiness?

Verywell Mind defines happiness as an emotional state of contentment, well-being, joy, optimism, gratitude, and satisfaction with one’s life. If you’re interested, I highly recommend looking at their article because it explains why one might not be happy. 

There are also higher forms of happiness, often referred to as “true happiness.” At this level of consciousness, the person feels complete and whole, so their life becomes more about service to others. 

If you want to learn more about happiness and dive deep into spirituality, the ascension process, and raising your vibration, check out my article on Dr. Hawkins’s Map of Consciousness

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are positive phrases or mantras you repeatedly write or say aloud to overcome a limiting belief. It’s a simple tool to help raise your vibration, overcome negative self-talk, and consciously manage your internal environment.

You can use affirmations for just about anything, from reducing stress and anxiety to building a new habit to manifesting your desires.

How Do Affirmations Work?

While practicing happiness affirmations might not solve all your problems, affirmations work by training you to think, feel, and, therefore, act differently. This allows you to control and direct your thoughts towards more empowering and positive vibrations.

Learn more about The Law of Vibration here.

Moreover, neuroplasticity and epigenetics prove that our brains can fire new neuropathways, which allows our minds to expand, grow, and operate differently over time.

Daily affirmations reprogram your subconscious mind, which holds all of your programs and memories (it’s your operating system. 

According to stem cell biologist Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, we spend 95% of our time in our subconscious mind and 5% in our conscious mind. 

When working with affirmations, we want to tap into our subconscious and train this part of the mind. 

The subconscious mind learns through habituation. So staying persistent and practicing your daily affirmations will eventually cause happiness to become a natural set point and help you attract more loving and positive experiences in your life. 

3 Simple Tips for Happiness


1. Allow Yourself to Be Happy

The first step to being happy is to allow yourself to be happy. Now, this might sound funny. You might be thinking, why wouldn’t I allow myself to be happy? If we dig deep, some of us don’t believe we can or should be happy. 

For instance, self-esteem, without getting too psychoanalytical. Struggling with self-esteem is a form of not allowing you to feel good about yourself. So start by allowing yourself to feel good and know you deserve it.

2. Question All of Your Beliefs on Happiness

Reflect and check in on your belief systems surrounding happiness. For example, some of us believe we should be stressed out and highly anxious to be considered responsible. We’ll be deemed worthy and valuable if we have these overwhelming schedules and exude specific energy. A lot of it is noise that’s draining your energy and taking away from your happiness. Which in turn undermines your happiness and well-being.  

3. Prioritize Your Happiness

Prioritizing your well-being and happiness is not selfish. Your well-being and happiness affect people around you; conversely, your unhappiness will also affect others. 

When you begin to prioritize your well-being and happiness, you’ll experience major shifts and breakthroughs in your life. And naturally, your decisions, actions, and behaviors will sync up with the vibration of happiness. 

How to Use Happiness Affirmations

You can practice happiness affirmations in various ways, but we’ll go over the three most popular and effective ways to practice affirmations. 

With affirmations, consistency is critical. As mentioned earlier, the subconscious mind learns by habituation. It’s better to practice ten minutes daily over a consistent period than once a week for 2hrs. But don’t let the latter hold you back; a little is better than none. 

You can repeat affirmations aloud in the mirror, write them in a journal, or repeat them in your head. All three are effective. Try them out and see which works better for you, or you can do all three simultaneously. 

The best time to practice affirmations is during your morning routine and before bed. Say or write your affirmations at least 10x each time you do them. 

The subconscious mind is the emotional body, so don’t just say the affirmations by rote. Make sure to conjure up the emotional experience of being happy or any feelings in the happy department.

Want to learn how to write your own affirmations?

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37 Affirmations for Daily Happiness


  1. I commit to my well-being and happiness.
  2. I prioritize my happiness.
  3. I am happy and joyful and can see all the beauty surrounding me.
  4. I am magnetic and deserve a happy life. 
  5. I am proud of my accomplishments and who I’ve become.
  6. I am not exactly happy right now, but I am working toward my well-being, and happiness is inevitable.
  7. I am proud of myself for researching happiness affirmations and taking responsibility for my happiness. 
  8. I find so much joy in the simple pleasures of life. 
  9. I’m proud to be a growth-oriented person and to work on myself. 
  10. I release all fears, stress, and worry.
  11. I let go of the past and forgive myself for my past mistakes.
  12. I am whole and complete right now.
  13. I let go of sadness and committed to my happiness.
  14. I am so excited that I am successful!
  15. My family’s well-being makes me very happy and fulfilled.
  16. Joy and love surround me infinitely!
  17. I radiate positivity and happiness to others.
  18. I surround myself with happy people and people who want me to be happy.
  19. I feel so good and happy right now!
  20. I love how the sun hits my skin; I feel so happy to connect with the Universe.
  21. The Universe loves me and always has my back!
  22. I deeply appreciate my hardships and challenging times; it has brought me closer to myself and god. 
  23. I am so deeply appreciative of my friends who care about me. 
  24. Happiness is my natural state of being!
  25. I control my happiness!
  26. I love my body and accept myself 100%.
  27. I love my strengths and accept my flaws.
  28. I choose to see happiness, joy, and growth in every moment.
  29. I am blessed to have all the wonderful people and experiences in my life. 
  30. I have limitless potential!
  31. I love waking up blissful and ready to take on the world every day!
  32. I create my happiness and accept myself fully.
  33. I manifest happiness by being happy!
  34. Joy and happiness are mine! I claim it.
  35. I am made of infinite joy, love, and possibilities!
  36. My career fulfills and satisfies me.
  37. I see love, joy, and abundance everywhere I go.

Closing Thoughts on Happiness Affirmations

I hope this article helped you with your daily hit of happy hormones! Please feel free to change the affirmations to make them better fit your situation. 

May you live well, and I wish you many blessings, so much love, and joy!

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